historic spots in San Antonio, the bustling downtown area of Houston and Austin (which has such a cool vibe); but there’s so much to see outside of the cities, too! 

Also, just outside New Braunfels streets is the Natural Bridge Caverns, too. It’s one of the largest caverns in Texas and well worth visiting for a tour. Just prep in advance for that humidity! 
A perfect stopping point when driving west from Houston, Austin is filled with the coolest coffee spots, eateries and bars that make this city totally fun! 
It’s around a 90-minute drive east of Amarillo and perfect for a pitstop for an hour. Plus, you’ll get to see the Tower Station and U-Drop Inn Cafe which’s totally iconic. It’s been around for decades and is something of an institution on Route 66. 

1.) San Antonio

Route 66 Best Places In Texas To Visit
Oh, and don’t forget to visit the Traders Village flea market.  It’s got everything and anything you can ever imagine! From antiques, vintage finds to Beanie Babies (remember those?). Plus, it has loads of foodie vendors and a retro fairground that’s totally kitsch. 
Best Places In Texas To Visit
at the Chisos Visitor Center before you set out. This way, you’ll get an update on local conditions. 
With gorgeous beaches, the historic downtown area and lots of foodie joints, it’s the kind of place that’s perfect to chill out.
Oh, and as with any hike, always be responsible. If you’re not sure what you need, then pop into the Pine Springs Visitor Center where the ranges can prep you for the most suitable hike for you. For a yummy brunch, head over and grab a table at the Breakfast Klub. They have some of the tastiest waffles in all of Texas! 
Nestled just off the historic Route 66, Amarillo is a perfect stopping point to explore and rest up when visiting the best places in Texas. 

2.) Big Bend National Park

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Don’t fancy walking? Hop onboard on one of the boats that head up and down the river itself. It’s so relaxing and a perfect little jaunt after filling your tummy. 
Nearby, you’ve also got Moody Mansion which was built. back in the 1800s and is totally beautiful inside. It almost feels as though you’re stepping back in time. 
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After checking into your hotel, head straight outside to explore the downtown area around the Museum of Natural Science. We totally loved the mix of museums, parks and quirky foodie spots that make Houston so great! 
Depending on how long you spend (I’d suggest at least a few days), be sure to visit the Texas State Capitol Building that dates all the way back to the 1800s. 
Best Things To Do In Houston
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Oh, and for a day trip from downtown, head on over to Space Center Houston. It’s one of the best places to learn about space exploration, space missions and, of course, NASA’s iconic projects.
9 Very Best Things To Do In Houston, Texas

3.) Austin 

9 Very Best Things To Do In Houston, Texas

8.) Padre Island

Right on the border with New Mexico, Guadalupe Mountains National Park is one of the best places in Texas to visit if you want some time in the great outdoors. 
Of course, once here, you have to spend some time visiting the Padre Island National Seashore and Whitecap Beach for its sandy stretches. It’s totally blissful. 
The park itself is totally diverse, with great forests, vast mountainous regions, deserts, and deep canyons, too! You might even get to spot some of the desert animals, too. This means you should watch out for rattlesnakes, especially when hiking the trails.  
Nestled in the north of the state, Dallas is sometimes missed if you’re heading on a wider US road trip across Texas. Though, with it only being a 3-hour drive from Austin, it’s the kind of city that’s pretty easy to visit.

9.) Galveston 

Not too far from San Antonio, New Braunfels is pretty easy to visit as you’re heading between Austin and San Antonio. In fact, it’s a perfect little stopping point for a little chillout. 
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Fancy an adrenaline-fulled day? Get yourself over to Six Flags Over Texas. It’s a huge theme park that has some white-knuckle rides that’ll leave your throat sore from screaming! You can easily spend a whole day here. 
After getting to Dallas, your first port-of-call has to be the Museum of Art; it’s incredible and possibly one of our favourites in all of Texas. Founded well over 100 years ago, it has thousands of pieces.  As you stroll, look out for the iconic painting by Jean-Baptiste Marie Pierre (The Abduction of Europa) that was painted all the way back in the 1700s. 
Talking of hiking, you can also head to Pine Springs Canyon for some of its incredible trails. For some of the best, follow the Devil’s Hall Trail or the Pine Springs Trailhead which branches off with lots of trails that crisscross the area. It’s lovely! 
It’s so much fun and you’ll totally geek out if you’re into space as much as me! 
Not too far from Houston, Galveston is pretty easy to visit for a day trip from the city (or longer chillout). 
Finally, if you’ve got time, head over to the Hamilton Pool Preserve that’s so beautiful.

10.) Houston

Finally, if you’ve got time, head over to the Hamilton Pool Preserve that’s so beautiful.

Of course, you have to have some of their oysters and their signature Gilhooley’s Spicy Margarita, too! 

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