west coast USA). You see, there’s a ton of beautiful Oregon hiking trails and vistas to see and most within easy reach for moderate hikers. 

Around a 40-minute drive from Bend, Smith Rock State Park encompasses an out-of-this-world landscape that really shows off the natural diversity of Oregon. 
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Speaking of Portland, it’s one of Oregon’s best places that you really can’t miss when visiting the state. Now, we’d recommend spending at least a few days in the city as there’s a fair bit to see and experience once you’re here. 

1.) Yaquina Head

Oh, and for a perfect brew, head into Sleepy Monk Coffee Roasters. Their coffee blends are so good. 
Also, you can easily book a hot air balloon ride whilst in the area – it’s totally magical but you must be prepared for cancellations in case of dodgy weather. 
Technically more of a caldera than a crater, it’s a vast area that’s incredible to follow via the Scenic Byway (in the summer only).
Another spot perched between Portland and Hood River, Multnomah Falls is one of the best places in Oregon to visit on a wider road trip on the northern fringes of the state. Honestly, it’s a stop you have to make on the Columbia River Gorge and an iconic spot you can’t miss. 
Best Places In Oregon To Visit
Located in the cascade mountains is the Crater Lake National Park, one of the best places in Oregon for views! Well, in my opinion at least! 

2.) Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

That being said, if you fancy something a little calmer, pack your hiking boots and head to some of the trails that stretch for miles.
Oh, and for some of the best sweet treats, head into Mike’s Ice Cream for their delicious homemade cones. We love them! 
Though, as I said, it’s not just the hikes or the nature that makes up the best places in Oregon for a trip away! To help you along your way, I wanted to share some of my total favourite jaunts, areas and cities that you really shouldn’t miss.
Being one of the biggest parks in the state, Silver Falls State Park is totally beautiful and one of the best places in Oregon to explore for a big slice of the wild! Around a 40-minute drive from Salem, it’s totally easy to visit for a day trip or a longer getaway into the great outdoors.
Best Places In Oregon To Visit
Best Places In Oregon To Visit

3.) Eugene

Best Places In Oregon To Visit

10.) Smith Rock State Park 

Best Places In Oregon To Visit

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Best Places In Oregon To Visit
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