New Orleans, the history in San Antonio and the incredible music scene in Nashville – there’s a city in the south of the USA that’s perfect for you. Though, with so many to explore, the hard part is deciding which to visit on your trip. 

Feeling peckish? Pop into The Trappe door which is a Belgian beer house that also serves up some tasty treats. Their buffalo fried oysters and Carbonades Flamandes (a delicious beef stew) is just so good. 
Anyway, before I rabbit on, I wanted to make things a little easier for your next trip and share some of our best spots from all across the southern states. Each one has its own charm and I’m almost certain you’ll find a fair few you’ll be itching to visit. 
Best Cities in the South of the USA
If you love street art, St Petes has some of the best in Florida. Take a wander around the downtown and wider area and you’ll find a fair few favourites that line the city streets. For ease, follow this definitive list, like the one that’s updated by the city itself. It’s super-helpful and a great way to note waste your precious time when trying to find them. 
Best Cities in the South of the USA

1.) Charlotte, North Carolina

One true gem in the south of the USA has to be St. Augustine. Not only is it the oldest city in the whole US (Established back in 1565 by the Spaniards), it’s also totally fun and beautiful to explore. 
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Though, we both still can’t quite get our heads around grits for lunch. Sorry! 
Oh, and don’t forget the Atlanta Botanical Garden on a nice sunny day. Here, they have acres of pathways, with their Canopy Walk being so gorgeous. 
Finally, you can’t visit Memphis without visiting the Civil Rights Museum that’s located at the Lorraine Motel.
Best Cities in the South of the USA

2.) San Antonio, Texas

Best Cities in the South of the USA
Where To Party In Memphis, Tennessee (16)
Tower of Americas in San Antonio Texas

San Antonio is easily one of the best places in Texas to visit! Filled with oodles of history, the gorgeous Riverwalk and enough eateries to keep you stuffed – it’s a great city for a long-weekend break. 

Oh, and for some of the best meaty treats, hop into the Midwood Smokehouse (on Central Ave). It’s nothing fancy or even too expensive and their BBQ meats and tacos are just so good!  Considered the oldest city in all of Mississippi, Natchez has now been designated as a Preserve America Community due to the efforts of the people to preserve the community and local heritage for all to see. You see, it’s filled with historic properties like; Stanton Hall, Longwood, Rosalie Mississippi State Dar and Magnolia Hall.
Another gem of a city we visited during our Tennessee road trip was Memphis. Within easy reach of Nashville bar car, it’s one of the best cities in the South of the USA to explore. We decided to tag Memphis along with Nashville and Knoxville and it was totally worth the hype. 

3.) St Petersberg, Florida

With that in mind, take a look (below) at some of the best cities in the south of the USA to visit. You’ll have an epic trip. 
Whilst here, pop into the Greenville County Museum of Art and spend a good few hours in the Downtown area of Greenville itself. Here, you’ll get to wander along the riverfront, which is lovely to visit around lunchtime (when all the little eateries are open). 
That being said, if you want some time away from the streets and blocks; then head over to McKinney Falls State Park. Here, there are a number of easy trails to follow, including the much larger and historic El Camino Real de los Tejas (National Historic Trail).

We totally loved our visit to San Antonio and it’s easily one of the best cities in the South of the USA to visit. Just remember, that Texas sunshine can be strong! Make sure to slap on that SPF protection and don’t forget to drink water.

As you stroll San Antonio, be sure to also pop into the San Fernando Cathedral. It’s totally beautiful and the architecture is well worth a gander inside. 

Sometimes overlooked for bigger hitting USA cities, Greenville is an epic city to visit when exploring the wider South Carolina state.
Just be sure to arrive really hungry as they’re absolutely huge! 

4.) Greenville, South Carolina

Just be sure to arrive really hungry as they’re absolutely huge! 

12.) Berkley Springs, West Virginia

Just be sure to arrive really hungry as they’re absolutely huge! 

This is the Texas Capital and easily deserves a place as one of the best cities in the South of the USA to visit. It’s got heaps to do and the perfect spot to spend 3-4 days chilling and really soaking in that Austin vibe.

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