Nevada, Reno is sometimes seen as the little sister of Las Vegas. Yes, they both have casinos and a vibe all-around entertainment but Reno has quite a few unique spots to explore. In fact, there’s a heap of the best things to do in Reno that aren’t just within the city – the whole region has loads to see.

Another of Reno’s best sightseeing spots is Pyramid Lake at the basin of the Truckee River. We actually visited here before heading to Burning Man and totally loved it.
Known for its distinct collections and its role in hosting national and international exhibitions, the museum provides a deep, visual and cultural experience that’s totally cool to see. 
Air races that take place in Reno
Plus, the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame are stationed in the stadium premises to get a glimpse of Reno’s bowling history.
Best Things To Do In Reno

1.) National Automobile Museum

Keep your eyes peeled for the Eldorado of the king, Elvis Presley. Oh, and the Ghia of Frank Sinatra, and the Lincoln Continental of President John F. Kennedy.
This all means you can easily see both around the same time.
Here, you’ll be able to explore the totally unspoilt Washoe Lake State Park and even go boating on the lake itself. 
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Around a 30-minute drive from Reno, Washoe Lake is well worth a visit whilst driving south to Carson City. 
If you can’t catch a game, tours are also available in the ballpark. 
Air Races in Reno

2.) Nevada Museum of Art

Air Races in Reno

11.) Explore the Casinos

Though, one thing to consider is the number of people who visited. During peak season, the number of guests increases and makes the resort quite crowded. Miss the weekends if you want to avoid the crowds. 

12.) Washoe Lake

For desert landscapes and mountain sceneries, Rancho San Rafael is the ideal place to be.
Relatively close to some of the best spots in California, and of course, the stunning Lake Tahoe – Reno is a great anchor point for a little city break as part of a wider road trip through Nevada or California. 
Hikes near Reno
Now, the museum splits up the car displays into four galleries. One of these sections houses the Off-road Motorsports Hall of Fame and several other race cars too.

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