These are square bar codes that can be easily scanned with your mobile device in order to take you to a website, send an email, or download any other information.
This can help to give people an idea of what to expect before they book a tour with you.
This will help customers get more information about your services if they need it.
11) Make a series of brochures that highlight different areas and attractions for people to visit.
13) If you are a business owner, consider using your brochure as a way to offer discounts or special deals to tourists.
1) Create your own brochure detailing all of the tourist spots near your home (with pictures!)
This is a good way to help connect with potential customers since it will give them an idea of what to look for during their visit.
This can help to increase traffic to your establishment, and may even convince people to come back for another visit.
The following list includes 16 creative ideas on how you can best utilize brochures as a vacation map:
9) If you are a tour guide, create your own brochure with information about the different tours that you offer.
This can be used as a handy reference guide for tourists who are looking for things to do once they have arrived. Simply design the brochure with basic information, directions on how to get there, and maybe even some pictures of what to expect.
6) Make a series of brochures that highlight a particular theme, such as “the best places for ice cream” or “the most scenic view in town.”

8) Make use of interactive brochures.
Brochures are one of the most popular marketing tools in the travel industry. They provide detailed information about attractions, accommodations, and transportation to tourists that can be used before or during their visit. However, brochures are not just for use by travelers; they can also be an effective tool for local residents to advertise tourism-related businesses in their area.

16) If you are creating a brochure for a business, make sure that the design is professional and eye-catching.
5) Give away free small brochures at tourist attractions.
3) Use a brochure to advertise a vacation rental.
14) Use QR codes in your brochure.

This is an excellent way to help people plan their vacation around these events, giving them a reason to visit at this time. It could also be used as advertising if the event is for charity purposes since it will guarantee donations from people who are interested in the event.
Why spend lots of money with a local realtor by putting an ad in the newspaper when you have a much better shot at being seen by someone who will eventually visit your home? If they are interested, potential tenants can ask for more information or contact information from the brochure.
This will help to draw in potential customers and show them that you are a credible source.

This will give people who are new to the area a good idea of what is available, and let them pick out their favorites for future visits.
2) Create a brochure of tourist attractions in your town for distribution at different locations.
4) Create a brochure that highlights all of the interesting sites in your city or town. 
This is an excellent way to advertise your business to visitors who have already been drawn to whatever is being advertised. 
10) Make brochures that highlight special events or festivals that are taking place in your city or town.
This will allow people who live close by to see what is available without having to drive out into unfamiliar territory. You could also include maps and any other pertinent information that might be of use to visitors.
12) Make use of local or family photography in your brochure.
These images will help readers relate to the area better because it shows them what the area looks like through the eyes of a local.
These images will help readers relate to the area better because it shows them what the area looks like through the eyes of a local.
These images will help readers relate to the area better because it shows them what the area looks like through the eyes of a local.
Venngage is an online brochure maker that offers a wide range of brochure designs for everyone to use. All you need to do is create your free Venngage account, browse through their template page, choose the brochure template you like best, customize the layout to your liking, and download. Here are some brochure examples from their collection.

7) Make a brochure that is specific to a certain holiday or event.

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