For me, the best cold-weather jacket would have to be a fit for a variety of travel experiences and something that would be warm, practical and versatile. It would also be a coat that could be at least dual purposed, take me from exploring an archeological site to hiking a mountain, or from visiting a temple to a night on the town. Because, sometimes you are trekking through the jungle and sometimes your travel is revolved around traipsing through the big city.
It’s a never ending battle when searching for travel clothing whether it be fall travel boots or the best winter coats for women: practicality vs. cuteness. Of course, I want my clothing to be durable and fit the environment, but I also want to look good while wearing it. Is that so wrong?
It’s a tall order, but these cute winter jackets fit the bill. And I can honestly say that I own or would wear every one of them!

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