From Palm Cove, you can drive off to Cairns Marlin Manila. And from there, you’ll be jumping on a boat with the Cairns Reef Fishing team to fish the reef.
The tour stops at these iconic food places: Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park, Jacques Family Coffee Plantation, Mount Uncle Distillery, Humpy Golden Drop Winery, and Platypus Hut.
Once you reach the Great Barrier Reef, it’s where the real action begins. You’ll spend the rest of the day reeling in some coral trout, cods, trevally, and other species at the reef.
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  1. Into the Wild Daintree National Park

The best thing about it is that it’s just a 25-minute drive from Cairns Airport. So as soon as you land, and get your baggage ready, jump into a cab and drive straight to Palm Cove.
If you’re travelling somewhere in Tropical North Queensland, you might as well visit the sleepy village of Palm Cove. Beaches with fine white sand, crystal-clear seawater, lush landscapes, and rich wildlife, name it. It’s all there in Palm Cove.
Food and travel always come together. That’s why any getaway is not complete without a feast or at least a trip to one of the local restaurants in the area you’re visiting.

  1. Fishing the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier, just like the Daintree National Park, is also a World Heritage site. Aside from snorkelling and scuba diving, did you know that you can set sail to The Reef and test your fishing skills?
For the ultimate Mossman Gorge experience, you can book a tour via the Back Country Bliss Adventures. Some of the best activities of the tour are river snorkelling, the traditional smoking ceremony of the Kuku Yalanji, and the guided walks that will let you marvel at the wildlife and landscapes of the rainforest. 
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  1. Ultimate Foodie Experience

If hiking and walking trails are your kinds of adventure, then Daintree is a great stop. One of the best ways to get there is via the Mossman Gorge. It’s a 56,000-hectare rainforest that’s only a fraction of the greater Daintree National Park.
In Tropical North Queensland, one of the best ways to satisfy your palate is to participate in Brett’s Outback Tasting Adventures. This bus tour will start at Port Douglas and will stop at several food havens along the way.
It’s only natural for your whole body to get tired and start aching after those trips. That’s why when you get back to your Palm Cove accommodation at the Reef House, relax all you want. Have your stiff muscles kneaded and loosened up in their award-winning spa services.
Each stop offers a different food experience, from tropical fruits to spirits, chocolates, and indigenous cuisine. If you consider yourself a certified foodie, you shouldn’t miss this!

  1. Cap off your trip with a massage

On your way to the reef, you’ll make a few stops to try reeling in some marlin, tuna, or mackerel. It could be a good warm-up before the main event at the reef.
Here are some of the best activities that we’re sure you will enjoy there:
Daintree National Park is the oldest living rainforest on earth. Imagine, this piece of land has been on Earth even before your great grandparents were born! That’s why immersing in its wilderness is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

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