The Smith Mountain Lake lies in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southcentral Virginia. While a manmade body of water, it’s just as beautiful as the other natural lakes in the area. In 1963, a dam was built, which then created this body of water.
When the warmer season is soon on the horizon, plans for outdoor trips with the family will soon be underway. If you love the waters, then it’s no surprise that you may have long been dreaming of a perfect holiday by the waterfront. In the USA, Virginia should top your choice of states to visit. The Belle Haven Marina is located south of the Old Town Alexandria. It’s a quaint and scenic marina in the area. You can enjoy the sun with some wet and fun activities, open for visitors of all ages. Kids can join a summer camp, while the adults can join a sailing class, where you can earn your VA boating license, along with other water adventures.

  1. Belle Haven Marina

If you’ve never heard of this hidden mountain retreat yet, here are some convincing reasons why you should head out boating in what’s also labeled as one of Virginia’s best-kept secrets.
Lake Gaston is one of Virginia’s most ideal lakes for boating and other water activities. Its size makes for this honor. It boasts about 350 miles of shoreline, strewn across 35 miles-long lake. The main access area of Lake Gaston is at Holly Grove Marina, where you can shop for your boating snacks and packed food, a convenience store, and even a gas stop.

  1. Smith Mountain Lake

If you like to spend a few days in the area, Lake Gaston is also a vacation home dream. Lakefront camping is just as exciting an experience as all the boating and water activities you can do during the day.
First off, there are plenty of lakes spread across different areas and regions in Virginia. After all, the state is strategically positioned between the Atlantic Ocean and the Appalachian Mountains. This fact blesses the state with amazing terrain, annually drawing in flak from thousands of local and international tourists.
In case you missed it, Virginia earns the honor of being home to some of the best boating spots in the USA. This state should definitely make it on top of your boating list, starting with these places:

  • There’s a lot to do at Smith Mountain. This place is mainly known as a summer vacation destination, but there’s always something going on—no matter the season. For instance, there are food and beer festivals, depending on when you visit in the year.
  • The views are spectacular. Picture-perfect views that look like they’re coming straight out of a postcard? This is what you’ll have at Smith Mountain Lake. The early sunrise and the summer sunsets are just so romantic.
  • There are other destinations close by. If you want to make the most out of your boating holiday in Virginia, Smith Mountain Lake also has great access to other local destinations nearby. Day trips are possible with several nearby cities like North Carolina, Roanoke, and Greensboro.
  1. Lake Gaston
Fishing all together. Men of three generations enjoying morning while fishing all together

If you’re an avid sailor or seasoned boater, you can rent from a fleet of quality boats at the Marina during the boating season. For beginners or the non-sailors, you can also opt for a lighter and more doable water boating activity by kayaking or canoeing.  
The landscapes in Virginia are magical. But, the bodies of water are even more spectacular. If you’re the type of traveler who enjoys boating and engaging in water-related outdoor activities, then Virginia should be a must-go. The list of best boating places above is only the ginning. Once you start planning that Virginia boating trip, you’ll find many more you can add to this list. Then, tick off your list, one idea at a time.

  1. Lake Anna

One of Smith Mountain Lake’s biggest claims to fame is its home to an abundant supply of bass in its waters. This fact draws in attention for large fishing tournaments to the region.  

  • Paddleboarding
  • Swimming
  • Jet skiing
  • Motorboating
  • Fishing
  1. Burke Lake Park

The Burke Lake Park is every boater and fishing enthusiast’s haven because of the wide deposit of fish in the area: perch, largemouth bass, catfish, and walleye. However, you have to be made aware that swimming, windsurfing, and paddleboarding aren’t allowed in the area. If you’re content to stay on your boat for fishing and taking a tour around the lake, that’s still more than enough to give you a great experience of Burke Lake Park.

Lake Anna is Virginia’s third-largest lake. Because of this, Lake Anna has been a well-loved spot for year-round fishing. If you love fishing, it’s also one of the best lakes for fishing largemouth bass on the East Coast. The whole family can enjoy picnic spots, a swimming spot, and other recreational sites within the park to make for that perfect boating day.
To give you an idea, some of the permissible water activities in the area include:

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