A Sound Machine 
One of the best pieces of fashion that have made a comeback in recent years is a fanny pack, a convenient belt bag that can fit all your essentials as you run errands at home or explore new cities during travel. However, when traveling with a baby or toddler, you need more than your credit cards and cellphone. Ensuring you’ve got a comfortable baby bag to fit all your and your child’s daily needs is essential to exploring your destination with ease. Today’s diaper bags are not our parent’s baby bags. You can find chic, versatile bags that look like a shoulder bag or tote that fit your aesthetic, but make sure you’re ready for whatever adventures or messes the day brings. These bags also make an easy carry-on bag for your flights you can fill with healthy snacks, water bottles, and a change of clothes for the baby and you.
Safety items are especially important if you’re traveling to another country where you may not speak their language. Still, they’re a good idea, even if you’re taking a weekend road trip. Having a small bag containing band-aids, baby Tylenol or Motrin, rash creams, SPF, and other first-aid type items is a must when you’ve got young children. While in a genuine emergency, you’d go to a hospital; luck favors the prepared when it comes to low fevers, scrapes, and cuts. 
That’s A Wrap!
When you plan how to add comfort to the nursery for your child, there’s no doubt that a white noise machine was on your list. Sound devices help everyone, children and adults alike, achieve a deeper and more restful sleep. While traveling, you can’t plan ahead for noises from the streets below your hotel room to the guests in the hall – making a sound machine a must-have on your trip. While outlets may vary depending on the country you’re in, there are plenty of battery-operated sound machines on the market that are easy to travel with. Ensure you’ve got one stowed away in your luggage, so your baby or toddler (and you) stay well-rested.
There’s An App For That 
Safety First 
While traveling the world, experiencing new cultures, foods and sightseeing are one of life’s greatest pleasures, an even more incredible adventure is starting a family and watching your children grow. While it may feel like you can’t do some things you used to do before having children, especially when your children are very young, with a little bit of practice, you’ll be going to restaurants, movies and traveling with your little ones in tow. And, frankly, enjoying those things with your kiddos and watching the joy in their eyes as they have new experiences is phenomenal. If you’re planning your first vacation with your young children, you’ll want to make sure you bring along these essentials to make your trip seamless, and you’re able to enjoy the sights, culture, and everything else along with them. 
Comfortable Carry-All 

You’re probably used to keeping an eye on your sleeping baby to make sure they’re safe and comfortable at home. Today, there are apps you can download that act as baby monitors when you’re away from home. Of course, you’ll need a second device to record your baby, like an iPad or your partner’s phone, but the peace of mind is priceless while you enjoy the views from your balcony and your baby is sleeping in the bedroom.
When you’re walking the streets of Barcelona or Paris, you want your hands free to enjoy a latte, a fresh baguette, or be able to pick up treasures at a local market. Making sure you keep your hands free is easy with a baby wrap or carrier. Baby wraps need more of a learning curve than carriers, but they’re easier to store in your luggage. Go with whichever style you feel most comfortable with – the important thing is you can keep your baby or toddler close to you and safe and still be able to enjoy new experiences.
Whether you’re a minimalist or not, you don’t have to bring your children’s entire playroom or nursery with you when you’re traveling. Just like adults, small children are excited about the views, the food, and everything else that travel entails. By ensuring you have the above-mentioned items, you’re well on your way to having a carefree, exciting time. Happy Trails!

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