When the registration opens on October 7, you can submit your entry through the official U.S Lottery website, but before that you should use a copied version of the original on the online service to prepare yourself best.

DV Lottery and How It Works

When submitting the form you will have to choose your education status. Remember that lying is unacceptable.

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You may be exempted from presenting your passport during submitting an application if you fall under one of the following categories:

How to Complete a DV Program Form

  1. One of the most important things is to keep your answers and details honest. Participants that provide misinformation are instantly disqualified from the drawing.
  2. Fill in the form carefully. Check your country of eligibility, it should be your country of birth. If you reside in a different country, you still should state the one where you were born to meet the requirements.
  3. For someone who has small children, a spouse or relatives that need to be taken care of, you should include their photos and information in the application form as well as your own.
  4. With the real DV Lottery form you can only fill in the details online in real time. To be able to complete a section of it and finish later, it’s best you use an online service’s copy of the form.
  5. Another vital point is to prepare a proper photo for your application. It needs to meet all the requirements, be 600×600 pixels in size and of high-quality.
  6. Enter your profession details correctly and honestly. Take a look at the list of jobs qualifying for DV Program to check if you’re eligible or how you can become.

Photo Conditions for a DV Registration Form

Train with a copy of the actual form and get yourself ready for the adventure of your life.

  • Photo has to be square, sized 600×600
  • JPEG formatted, max size 240 KB, in color, no black and white photos
  • Face should be uncovered and take up to 69% of the whole photo
  • Glasses and head coverage isn’t permitted, unless it’s a hijab or any other scarf worn for religious purpose
  • It has to be current, no older that 6 months, and representing your latest appearance

What Else to Expect from the DV Program Application

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The U.S government has a DV Program that issues 50000 permanent residency cards each year. The winners are chosen based on a random drawing, although it is important to keep your details correct and valid to increase the likelihood of getting the Green Card. Visas are usually given out most to the countries with the lowest immigration rates to the U.S.
By practicing with a training DV Program form, you increase your high chances of winning. Besides, if you make a mistake in the real application, you won’t be able to change a thing.

  • If you are stateless/no nationality
  • Unable to obtain a passport from the government you reside it (Persons from Communist controlled countries)
  • Someone who has an individual passport waiver requirement

Do you want to apply for a DV Program and don’t know where to start? There are a couple ways you can go about it: you could submit the form yourself or hire a specialist to help. Either way it’s better to prepare by training with a copy of the test prior to filling an actual application. Find out everything you need to know before applying and train by completing a full copy of a DV Program registration form using an online service.
The tips below will help you to submit the perfect picture along with your application.

Where Do I Submit my DV Program Application?

To be able to file for the DV Program, you must have at least a high school diploma or be a trained specialist in an occupation that requires 2 and more years to qualify.
If you don’t see your birth country on the drop down list when filling the application form, it may be that it’s not among the ones eligible for DV Program. Your best choice is to go to the Explanation of the Country of Eligibility and check for another option for your situation.

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