There is a parking area for it and a trail that takes you out to the gate that blocks the figures’ entrance.

After exploring these two figures, you will want to get in your car and drive a little more to the third figure. Here there is another parking lot and another trail to walk out to it.
The gate is there because people used to drive their cars through this area.
The Blythe Intaglios are located about 4 hours from Los Angeles in the city of Blythe (right on the Arizona border). To get there, you will take the 10 Freeway all the way to Blythe and then get off on exit 241 for Intake Blvd.
The Figures
Getting There
This is also the figure of a human as well.

Turn left and follow this road for around 15 miles. Eventually, you will see a small sign for “giant desert figures.” You will then turn left on the dirt road past the sign. The dirt road was pretty rough, but it is short and would have been passable in a two-wheel-drive car when we went.

Last Modified: February 1, 2021

The first two of the five figures can be seen on your right when you drive in. 

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