This game requires two or more players. To begin, one person should choose an object within sight. Once they have decided, they should start saying “I spy with my little eye.” with the thing that’s in their minds. 
Any number of people can enjoy this game. One player will think of a particular place or thing, and the other players should guess. They get to ask up to 20 questions. 
You are a given series of 81 boxes that you must fill with nine numbers, each from 1 through 9. Each column and row should contain the numbers 1-9 only once in their correct place. The object of playing this game is to fill out each row and every column. You should not repeat any numbers within these rows or columns. Try Sudoku

I Spy

All you need for this game is a pen and paper. Write down several items that people usually carry with them when travelling. For example, a neck pillow, headphones, a book, and the like. You can even write specific items such as a pink pillow or a red blanket. 
For instance, you can start playing by saying, “I spy with my little eye, a pink guitar.” The other players then have to look for the object. The first person to guess will take the next turn. 
I Spy is a children’s game. But, it can also entertain even the most serious of adults. It is fun to play at the airport because many things and people are around you. 

20 Questions

Since you’re out traveling, why not play Guess the City? To play, select one player from the group. This player should choose a city. That person then provides clues to the other players about their selected city. 
For example, “This city is located in Canada” or “this is the eighth-largest city in Canada.” You can even add airport-related clues such as “this city is boarding at gate 5”. The clues will continue until a person can guess the city correctly. 

Guess the City 

There are 52 cards in a deck. The game’s objective is to sort these cards into four piles, each pile consisting of cards of the same suit. The first three foundations — or piles — will be built up in suits from ace to king. The fourth pile has to follow suit but can begin with any card, not just the ace.
Whether you’re on a trip to go on a holiday or just travelling for work, it can be a drag to have to wait for hours at the airport. You can play the games above or some Yahtzee to help pass the time. You won’t notice how engrossed you become until you hear the PA system call your flight.

Traveller’s Bingo

You can start by thinking of things that are easy to guess. It can be a celebrity or a famous movie. As you become more familiar with the game, you can make it more difficult. You can think of specific objects and places. 
Waiting at the airport can get boring. You might find yourself with some time on your hands while boarding or over a delayed flight. When this happens, make the most out of it. Pass the time with a few games while you wait. 


Below are a handful of games you can play alone or with family or friends while you’re at the airport: 
Solitaire is another game you can play if you’re travelling alone. You don’t need to bring a deck of cards with you. You can play this on your mobile phone or tablet. 


But what if you don’t have a travel companion? You can play games from your phone to keep yourself entertained.  The people playing should look for these particular items in the airport. The first person that finds every item on the list should yell BINGO. 

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