From here, you simply have to start the one mile walk uphill back to the car to finish your hike.

The grove features over two dozen Giant Sequoias, and there is a small loop trail that takes you around to the different trees.

The fallen tree is another popular stop on this trail. It is a great way to see how massive these trees are as you walk alongside them.
Getting There

Tuolumne Grove is located at the beginning of Tioga Road, which goes through Tioga Pass. If you are coming from Yosemite Valley and planning to drive Tioga Road, this is a great first stop about 45 minutes from the valley. You can see more of my recommendations for Tioga Road here.

This tree has a tunnel carved through it that is almost big enough for a car to fit through. It is a unique way to see the interior of these massive trees and is a popular photo spot on the trail.

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