Being the tropical destination that it is, Fiji is, without a doubt, rich in a wide selection of resorts such as Naviti Resort Fiji and other beautiful spots. Like any other holiday, however, you want to stay in the best spot you can afford. Consider the factors that make a resort good. Then, remember to factor in your personal preferences as well.
Nowadays, cleanliness and sanitation are even more pressing issues when traveling. Don’t skimp on the cleanliness. As much as possible, you may want to avoid older resorts that might not have aged well. This can happen in resorts where maintenance isn’t really a priority.
If you don’t mind going around the area you’re in or if a part of your itinerary is doing tours, then you can do well with resorts that don’t necessarily have a lot of restaurants.
Be Very Particular About The Cleanliness
If you want to be very certain about the Fiji resorts you’re keen on booking, call a travel agent. Before they actually recommend a resort, many of the big travel agents have already gone through extensive tours of various resorts. This means you can count on them to give you honest feedback on good Fiji resorts.
Remember you’re going on a holiday. So, your chosen resort should actually give off that holiday feeling.
The amenities of a resort in Fiji matter most if you’re traveling with a big family group or with young children. The kids will enjoy a play area and kid-friendly swimming pools. If you have elderly people with you, be sure that the resort is also easily accessible with their walking devices or wheelchairs if they have one.
Just because a particular resort is expensive, this doesn’t mean that it’s actually superior in quality. You still have to assess the price based on the resort’s photos of its area, rooms, amenities, food, and services.
Surely you don’t want to get sick during your trip or feel sick simply because the resort wasn’t well-maintained. Don’t just trust the photos. Go through the feedback and reviews, as well. That is where you will see honest insights from guests who have also visited and stayed in the resort.
Compare Amenities
Don’t be too fixated on the price. Rather, weigh it based on what matters to you. For instance, is it worth saving money if the exchange is a messy and not-so-comfortable bedroom? Or, would you rather pay a little bit more money for comfort, to relax, and to have good food? Are you hopping on and off different islands in Fiji on a cruise?
Many travelers may not think about their dining options in advance or consider eating as a part of their itinerary. Don’t take that route. Even as you’re selecting resorts, take the time to choose the restaurants.

Don’t Be Too Fixated On The Price
Visit A Travel Agent
You can start with planning for your Fiji holiday with these insights on finding the best resorts:
Research More About The Restaurants
As the world slowly starts to reopen its borders, it’s time to start planning those vacations you have been missing out on over the past years. If you are the type of traveler who enjoys the beach, there’s one tropical destination that reigns supreme: Fiji. As an archipelago located in the South Pacific with more than 300 islands, it’s sure to be a traveler’s paradise. You can travel on your own, with your significant other, or even with your whole family, and you’re certain never to run out of activities.
There’s no single best way to go about choosing amenities, as ultimately, it boils down to your personal preference.
While booking resorts online is now quite the norm, travel agencies still exist for good reasons. There’s no denying the expertise and connections they have with airlines, resorts, and tour operators.
With the insights above to help you find the best resort in Fiji, you may just be able to make Fiji your happy place. It can undeniably give you the best there is to enjoy island life, whether you’re up for a more relaxing holiday or one that’s an adventure. The popularity of Fiji as an international travel destination also means there are quite a lot of resorts you can choose from. From more affordable backpacker resorts to the ones with all the makings of all-inclusive, luxurious resorts, let the tips above help you plan the vacation of a lifetime.
Big resorts, for example, will have multiple restaurants for you to choose from. If you’re the type of traveler who wants to take it easy and be more relaxed during your vacation, then choose resorts that have their own good restaurants. That way, you won’t even have to think about leaving the resort just to have your meals.

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