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The safest answer is no. I’ve never tried to get to Verbier by bus since the train is so darn slick. I did have a quick search of the interwebs and saw rumours of a bus service – the N1157 run by Flixbus. However, the schedule suggested it was running only three times a week, which is unlikely to be helpful if you arrive on any of the other four days. And, even still, when I tried to find actual tickets on the Flixbus website, the service wasn’t running for at least the next month (and I was checking during January & February i.e. peak season). Things might change but unless you’re on a strict budget, I’d stick with the very regular and ultra-reliable train.
Yes. The Swiss trains have good storage space. Wing of Swiss air plane with logo in the sky during sunset

The best way to get to Verbier from Geneva – Train

If Geneva doesn’t work for you, the next closest airports are:
Geneva International Airport is the closest airport to Verbier at just 142 km (88 miles) away. The airport has had a major upgrade with a new terminal and I was very pleased to see it has those lovely new scanners where you no longer need to separate out liquids and laptops and whatnots. Just shove all your carry on into the tray and stroll on through.

How to get to Verbier by Train

Swiss train at Geneva Airport

If you’re travelling from the UK, I highly recommend Swiss Airlines. SWISS normally operates more than 170 weekly flights to Switzerland from London Heathrow, London City, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh (seasonal during summer) and Dublin from as little as £55 oneway (Economy Light fare only includes hand luggage). The all-inclusive fares start from £71 oneway, including one piece of hold luggage and hand luggage. Best of all, you get a little Swiss chocolate on the plane. You won’t get that with Easyjet (currently on my shit-list) or Ryanair! You can search for flights using Skyscanner here.
There are several car rental companies at Geneva airport including many of the large brands like Hertz, Sixt, Europcar, Avis and Budget. While I’ve not hired a car at Geneva Airport, I have a preference for Sixt when I hire cars globally because they usually have a good price, good service and so far I’ve not been stung with hidden charges (looking at you, Hertz). Either way, I always do a price comparison and book in advance using
Swiss train at Geneva Airport
You can book tickets directly on SBB CFF.
Although there isn’t a direct train from Geneva to Verbier, the train journey is very easy with 3 simple steps.
Long gone are the days where some travel website tells you the route for getting from A to B. Hop on to Google Maps, you know the drill. If you do want the quick low-down, you’re going to have two main route options from Geneva. The toll road that is a longer (160km) but faster (2hr 20mins) route taking you over the top of Lake Geneva using the A1 and A9. The alternative is the shorter (140km) but slower (3hr) route that goes around the bottom of Lake Geneva on the D1005. Pick your route and make sure your GPS is set to use toll roads if that’s the way you want to go.

Board showing train schedule within Geneva Airport
Train schedule board at Geneva Airport – the trains leave from the terminal

The great news is, Verbier is extremely easy to reach. In this article, I’ll share with you how to get to Verbier from Geneva. And if you want tips for the best things to do in Verbier, check out my seasonal guides:

Do I need to travel from Geneva City or Geneva Airport?

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How can I check the Geneva to Verbier timetable?

In this guide, I’ll cover how to get to Verbier by train, airport transfer, car and air.

How much does the train to Verbier cost?

You can travel from either. The train route starts at Geneva Airport, stopping at Geneva city just 10 minutes later.
You can plan your route and buy tickets directly on the Swiss SBB CFF Train website. Search for Geneva (Airport or city) to Verbier (telecabine).

Is the train to Verbier reliable?

Tree and chateau view along Lake Geneva en route to Verbier

Can I take my skis on the train?

Got questions about taking the train? Here are some of the more frequently asked ones.

How to get to Verbier by air

In Le Châble you can also follow signs to the Post Bus station for a 25 minutes bus ride from Le Chable (821m) up the mountain to Verbier (1,500m). However, since the Le Châble to Verbier telecabine got reclassified as public transport in December 2021, the hours and ticket options have been extended and this will be the better, faster, more fun way to get to Verbier.

What is the closest airport to Verbier?

Feeling ultra sustainable with your new electric car? Or just dead-set on getting to Verbier by four-wheels? Here’s how to do it.
Telecabine from Le Châble to Verbier: The final stretch is a 13 minute trip on the gondola (telecabine) that takes you to Medran, a five-minute walk from Verbier Village centre. Nothing says you’ve arrived in the mountains like getting there by gondola.

  • Sion Airport – 60 km (ok, strictly closer than Geneva but with far fewer routes)
  • Bern Airport – 170km
  • Zurich Airport – 290km
  • Lyon Airport – 296km
  • Milan Malpensa – 265km
Tree and chateau view along Lake Geneva en route to Verbier
Views along Lake Geneva en route to Verbier

What is the best Airline for Geneva Airport

Still not convinced? Do it for the sake of the snow! Since skiing, hiking and mountain biking are low-carbon activities, the majority of the carbon emissions attributed to ski resorts come from travel to the region. While ditching the flight might not be the easiest option (who’s up for swimming the Atlantic in January?), choosing public transport within Switzerland will bag you some carbon karma. When I visited Verbier this year, locals anecdotally reported to me that the snowfall was far better during the height of the pandemic when there were not been nearly as many flights or cars chugging out fumes.

How to get to Verbier by Car

As sustainable as the train might be, for many people it will be necessary to take a flight to Switzerland. If that’s you, here’s how to get to Verbier by plane. I’m from the UK so I’ve focused on that route but drop me a comment below if you need help route planning from your home location.

Driving to Verbier

The quickest way to get to Verbier from Geneva is by train with the journey taking around 2.5 hours. In comparison, driving will take around 2.5 to 3 hours. With the train time being broadly similar, I’d still recommend the train: as well as being the more sustainable option, the Swiss train system is excellent and it’s a very relaxing way to start your trip.

Airport transfer to Verbier

That’s my guide to how to get to Verbier from Geneva. Got any questions or suggestions, let me know in the comments below. Have a great trip to Verbier and eat some fondue for me.

Hiring a car at Geneva airport

Yes. It’s Switzerland – everything there is reliable. Every. Thing.
Intercity train from Geneva to Martigny: First, take the IR90 Interregio from Geneva, direction Brig, and change at Martigny. This leg takes 1hr 41 and has only 7 stops: Geneva Airport – Geneva – Lausanne – Vevay – Montreux – Aigle – St Maurice – Martigny.

  • hire the car as soon as you book your flight – ski-season is peak-season and cars book out quickly.
  • if you’re taking your own skis or snowboard, check your car is big enough to fit your kit.
  • consider luggage space as well as people space – there might be only two of your in the car but can you get in your luggage and sports equipment?
  • also consider your suitcase size – don’t just think of normal luggage. Snow kit can be bulky and you will probably take a bigger bag than usual.
  • will you need 4-wheel drive or snow chains? If you’re sticking around Verbier and the nearby villages, you should be fine in a normal car as the roads are regularly ploughed. But many hire cars in snow areas come with ‘free winterisation’ e.g. snow tyres, which is a bonus. Check the details when you book.

Is there a bus from Geneva Airport to Verbier?

If you prefer to let someone else do the driving while you stare at the scenery, you can take a taxi or private transfer from Geneva airport. Here you can find a list of taxis and airport transfers. Otherwise, you can book a private transfer online (€200 one-way).
Tips for hiring a car if you’re visiting Verbier during ski season:
Board showing train schedule within Geneva Airport

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