Getting There
You can see a fully transformed Christmas experience in the historic wilderness hall. When you walk in, you will smell the fantastic treats they are baking up all around you and can get in line for a photo with Santa. 

You can also watch the snow fall multiple times every night in the Ghost Town area. You have to check the schedule to see when it will be, but it is impressive as the foam snow falls for 3-5 minutes. The best area is near the candy shop.

  • Park Tickets start at $59
  • Annual pass holders can go until Dec 17; after that, there is an extra charge.
  • It runs from Nov 19 – Jan 2

Not to be left out, the rest of the park also has lots of holiday decorations that you can see while you walk around. From the wreath on the front of the steam train to a massive Christmas tree right in the middle of the park. The Christmas tree also has carolers that sing in front of it a few times a day if you want to see them. Details

1. Park Entrance

In the ghost town area, the Bird Cage Theater puts on plays of A Christmas Carol on the weekends. It is fun to see the classic in the historic theater where greats like Steve Martin once played. 

2. Ghost Town Christmas Market

3. Snow and Glow Show

Knotts Berry Farm is a unique amusement park in Southern California that feels almost like a historic district in the urban sea of Orange County. The park has a ghost town, still offers carriage rides with real horses, and has many pieces of California history scattered around the park grounds. Like other amusement parks in the area, the park also goes all out for Christmas, with what they call “Knotts Merry Farm.” I went for the first time in 2021 and had a blast exploring the park during this time of year. Here is all the information if you want to check it out and you can find other Christmas spots in Southern California here.
The park is located in the city of Buena Park, off Beach Boulevard on the 91 Freeway. There are multiple parking lots you can use, and they cost . None of the parking areas feel very far from the park, which is nice though.

4. Meet Santa

I am sure I am probably missing something, so let me know if I left something off in the comments. Knotts Merry Farm is great fun during the holidays, and it is something you should visit if you get the chance. 

5. Bird Cage Theater

Last Modified: December 7, 2021

6. Snoopy on Ice

The main attraction in the park for Christmas is undoubtedly Snoopy on Ice. This show is fantastic, with over 30 minutes of ice skating to Christmas songs and a small Peanuts play weaving its way through the show. It is hard to get in since it is only on the weekends and always busy, but it is worth waiting for.

7. Holiday Decorations

8. Peanuts Meaning of Christmas Play

The ghost town area has lights all strung along the buildings and a Christmas market in front of many of the town’s buildings. The market is fun, with everything from hats and earrings to Christmas ornaments for sale.
As you enter the park, you will be greeted by lots of Christmas decorations ranging from lights and flowers to wreaths and trees. The entrance is a great spot to take a photo before heading into the park.
The last fun holiday attraction on this list is the Peanuts play in the Camp Snoopy area. This event is fun for the whole family, and it has all your favorite Peanuts characters talking about the meaning of Christmas.

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