It is a fun start to the hike, and the many gardens are beautiful.
The trail hugs the coastline as you continue to gain elevation and stunning views of the ocean below you.
From the parking area, you will head out on the bike path which goes by Mikes’s Garden.
From the parking area, you will head out on the bike path which goes by Mikes’s Garden.

There are no signs and many random paths here, so get an All Trails map if you want to follow the way I did.
The views here are stunning, with the point and Pacifica Pier out in front of you.
The Trail to Mori Point
From here, the trail either heads down to the coast and back along the bike path or up and over the ridge. All Trails will take you down, but I decided to go up and over the ridge.
The trail then heads up along the bluffs and looks down on Rockaway Beach, south of you.
You can see down to the cove here as you walk along it, and it is beautiful.
I was impressed by how beautiful the views were here, and there are a few benches if you want to relax more.

I headed up on the Coastal Trail and over to the Timigtac Trail (you can see these on All Trails).

I spent a lot of time on this trail as it was a stunning coastal trail with epic views. Check it out if you are in the area, and let me know what you think in the comments. 

There was a steep section to get to the top of the ridge, but the views over the park were stunning. It was green in the spring, which made it even nicer here.
The trail then heads downhill and passes some old mining infrastructure that has since crumbled into the mountain and become covered in graffiti.

Mori Point

Getting There

From Highway 1, heading north towards Pacifica Pier, you will turn left on Allen Road and immediately arrive at the small parking lot. This lot only has space for 8-10 cars, and it is often full. If it is full, you can sometimes find street parking on the other side of Highway 1 and walk across.

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