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You might choose to eat prepackaged dehydrated meals or make your dinner, but these choices require you to heat the food. You can get a cheap, compact backpacking stove. You will need to consider the fuel type you will be using with your stove and the stove design you prefer to know which model you will go for. Do not forget to carry fuel with you for your stove.
There is a specific backpack for backpacking, and they range depending on what each person would prefer. They are designed to provide comfort while one is carrying a lot of things and walking long distances. The length of your trip, how bulky your luggage will be, and how many things you will take with you will assist in getting to decide which backpack will work for you.
On top of having a tent, a sleeping bag is a must-have. A sleeping bag will help you sleep comfortably, especially when it is an extremely cold night. A good quality sleeping bag might be expensive, but it is one of the most worthy investments you will have made, especially if you plan on doing backpacking and camping for a long while. You will get various sleeping bags that range from plush mummy bags to lightweight summer quilts still from different materials.
You may have already packed a few essentials you need as a newbie backpacker or a seasoned veteran. It would be best to put very serious consideration while purchasing your backpacking gear to ensure you don’t get frustrated during your backpacking escapades. Here are various backpacking accessories and convenient items you need for your backpacking.
Moving from one place to another, you will have a problem finding good water to drink. There is a wide range of water filters that even offer complete water purification. Backpacking water filters and purifiers are fast and convenient; all you need to do is fill up the dirty water bag and hang it on a branch of rock. You can as well get chemical drops.
After getting your sleeping bag, you will have to get a sleeping pad that will go with it, which will add to your comfort and prevent your body from getting cold from the ground. You will have to get a lightweight but well-built pad with durable insulation.
Backpacking food mainly comprises prepackaged dehydrated food that gets better by the day—getting dehydrated means that it gives you the convenience of not cooking and no dishes to clean. All you will need is to warm up your food and eat. Ensure that you lay out your meal plan as you buy the food and ensure that you have all the food you need and always lack extra food if the trip takes an unexpected turn.
Water purifier

Due to the introduction of prepackaged dehydrated food and an all-in-one stove to boil water, there is less need to carry utensils and kitchenware. If you plan on taking the easier way out, all you will need is to have spoons and a cup for your coffee or tea. If you are using the normal screw-on stove, you will need cookware for cooking and a plate or dish to eat your food from. Just like any other item, there is backpacking cookware which ranges in price and material. The durability is something that depends on the material you pick.
Not only does your small tent offer shelter as you sleep, but it also offers protection from any outside element and comfort. Since you will have to carry your tent with you, get a small tent that is light enough for you to carry but consider the interior space, durability and the doors. You may want to add a footprint to your tent, which will assist in protecting it against rocks and roots.
Backpacking tent
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