This fascinating city offers over 2500 years of ancient history which is evident across its historical buildings and legendary landmarks. You can see the extraordinary Blue Mosque with its six breathtaking minarets and the beautiful Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque. The Ottoman-era palace complex of the Topkapi is also a must-see site — the palace was designated the admin headquarters and residence of the Ottoman Empire. Not to mention the city has served as the capital of three major empires throughout history!

You Can Explore Two Continents in One Day

Since this fascinating city is located on two continents, when you head on a trip to İstanbul you can hop across the city and explore both Europe and Asia in one day. You will find the Asian side holds more residential areas and offers a more relaxed atmosphere with fewer tourists and hustle and bustle, while the European side is known for its nightlife, historical buildings, shopping centers, and markets. It would be a fascinating experience to make your way across and see how the city changes.  

You Can Travel Thousands of Years Back in Time

Let’s start by saying the nightlife scene in İstanbul is spectacular. You can find anything between late-night food, bustling bars, busy bazaars, and extraordinary nightclubs. The shopping scene is unlike any other; you can find traditional handicrafts, luxury products, and just about everything between the shopping malls and the Grand Bazaar in the city, which has been operating ever since the middle of the 15th century.

The Nightlife, Shopping, and Entertainment Scenes

There is hardly anything more relaxing than laying back and relaxing in a traditional Turkish bath. For the full experience, you can get a package that includes bathing and a massage! The waters are believed to be therapeutic and incredible for your immune system and overall well-being. For background information, they came from the ancient Romans, and are renowned for their high level of cleanliness, as well as their ornate decorations, and have been around for quite some time – dating back to the 16th century.

It’s the Perfect Place For Culture Vultures and Foodies

The culture travelers out there will fall in love with the magic and charm of Turkish culture. It combines different components of European, Anatolian, Ottoman and Eastern Roman traditions, which makes it both unique and intriguing – and İstanbul is the perfect place to experience it. Not to mention the food is delicious beyond belief, with dishes like baklava, kebap, and doner being some of the most famous. And what better place to try some tasty Turkish delight than in the heart of the Turkish capital, while sipping on a cup of Turkish coffee?

The Views – İstanbul is Also Very Naturally Beautiful

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Learn About the Arts, Design, and Cultural Events

Are you ready to explore a lively and fascinating city, which is a legendary cultural hotspot, booming with plenty to see and do? Then make your way over to the crossroads of Europe and Asia with a trip to İstanbul! This extraordinary city is also the gastronomic capital of Türkiye, a country that has a wide range of delicious delicacies to offer and is the new place to be as you will find a wide range of bars, bazaars, malls, and so much more. Let’s dive right in and discover the top reasons to visit İstanbul and make this your next vacation destination!

Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body, and Soul in a Turkish Bath

Türkiye offers an extraordinary arts scene, known for its contemporary splendors, and İstanbul is also home to modern art museums and exhibitions that are certainly worth checking out. Let’s not forget to mention the fascinating designs of some of the city’s most famous structures, between the Topkapı Palace Museum, Hagia Sophia, and the Galata Tower. The festivals and cultural events are fascinating, and there are many that take place throughout the year which visitors should certainly attend.


When you think of İstanbul you might picture mosques, landmarks, and bazaars – but the city also has a wide range of evergreen parks, lakes, and a beautiful strait to explore. The Bosphorus Strait is both incredibly beautiful and relaxing to walk beside, and it also holds great importance as the boundary between Europe and Asia. You can also visit the Sea Life Aquarium to see various types of fish or make your way into the Belgrad Forest for a quick break from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

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