The great Nicobar island is considered the last island of the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago. A large portion of the island is blanketed with dense forest, which is an abode for endless species of birds and animals.
Andaman is an incredible holiday destination with over 570 islands. Where each island has something special to offer to its guest. It is a most loved destination among backpackers, thrillseekers, honeymooners and family vacationers. However, most tourists choose Andaman for turquoise water, for the verdant mangrove trees. to drench feet in the gritty sand and to let loose their soul with the rhyme of wind.
Havelock Island is an enchanting archipelago of more than 10 popular beaches. It houses several other stunning attractions and wildlife services. Havelock is a coastal paradise that promises a blend of luxury and blissful thrilling activities. The underwater world at Havelock island will take you to paradise that everyone should witness. There are plenty of activities available like snorkelling, scuba diving and deep diving that one should not miss out on.

Port Blair

This huge island exhibits a tropical ambience where you can dip your feet in the gritty sand and let loose all the worries from routine life.
Loosen up your worries on the white sandy beaches, under the canopy of palm trees to rejuvenate.

Havelock Island

So if you are planning a trip to Andaman and Nicobar, do not forget to venture into the beauty of the Great Nicobar island.
Ross island is also an abode for various popular beaches where you can easily indulge in snorkeling, scuba-diving and get your feet dirty in the gritty sand.
You may also visit popular beaches like Radha Nagar beach, Vijaynagar beach and Bharatpur for sightseeing and shop at the flea market for your loved one.

The Great Nicobar Island     

Ross Island is the prettiest island amongst all the other archipelagos. This British island is named after Daniel Ross, a British marine surveyor. Since this island was under a British colony before independence, you will witness remnants of the colonial period. Other than that, you can marvel at the various colonial architectures and ruins.
Since there are so many islands available, it is difficult to find out which is suitable for you, so we have curated a list of the five best places one must consider. Moreover, You must check out Andman and Nicobar honeymoon package for more insights.
You can begin exploring the country from the capital city, Port Blair. This serene island is one of a kind in itself. Havelock Island and the great Nicobar island are two other beautiful islands that you must look forward to while touring. Moreover, Neil island and Ross island are two prominent islands of Andaman that have been significant home grounds and are known for their bird species.

Neil Island

Ross island is also renowned for its diverse flora and fauna or lay at the pristine beaches. Besides that, if you are here, do not forget to please your taste bud with scrumptious cuisines.
During your visit to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, you can visit several picturesque and popular islands near Port Blair. However, only a few could match Neil Island’s quaint and soothing charm. Visitors prefer this island because of its incredible biodiversity, white sandy beaches, unspoiled and beautiful coral reefs, and tropical woodlands. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of popular Andaman destinations, this is the ideal weekend getaway!

Ross Island

Port Blair is another beautiful island of Andaman and the country’s capital city. The island is surrounded by a pristine coastline and tropical forests that make it unquestionably appealing for aquatic enthusiasts. Port Blair island is also well-known for its historical significance. The island houses the famous Cellular National Jail. It has now been turned into an art gallery; however, earlier, the place was a dreadful exile.
Besides, Neil island is situated roughly 30 km north of Port Blair. Aside from being a quiet little quaint island, it is perfect for spending a couple of days where you can laze and relax.
Tempting pristine water offers a plethora of water sports such as snorkelling, scuba diving, deep diving etc. Moreover, port Blair island deserves a special place in every itinerary of every tourist.

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