The History of Ferizaj

If you’re more of a wine lover, they also offer numerous local varieties. The wine in Kosovo is quite fantastic, so don’t miss out on it! Trying it is one of my favorite things to do in Ferizaj and Kosovo in general!

Hotel Rubis

Another point of interest you’ll find in the center of Ferizaj is the main pedestrian boulevard. Like most pedestrian streets in Europe, it’s lined with a wide range of options for locals and tourists alike, including restaurants, stores, bars, cafés, lounges, and street vendors.

My Time in Ferizaj

During the reign of the Ottoman Empire in the Middle Ages, Ferizaj was a village called Ferızovık. After a railway linking Belgrade and Thessaloniki opened and passed through the village, the burgeoning city underwent rapid development, accelerated by the opening of craft workshops and colonial shops.

Tahir Sinani

Not far from the main pedestrian street is arguably the best place to try traditional slow food in town. Restaurant Adriani is located in a traditional house with an outdoor terrace and two indoor dining halls.

Visit St. Uroš Cathedral and Madhe Mosque

Gezim Sahiti 1

The five-domed cathedral was built between 1929 and 1933 by Macedonian architect Josif Mihajlovic Jurukovski. Its architecture was partly inspired by that of Gracanica Monastery just outside of Pristina.

St. Uroš Cathedral

Ferizaj 70000 Kosovo

Ferizaj, Kosovo

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If you’ve followed my blog and YouTube channel for a while, you’ll probably know that I am a massive fan of veal. If you think you don’t like veal, I suggest trying it here. I had both the veal neck and veal ribs, and both blew me away. The meat was so juicy and fatty, and practically fell off the bone at the slightest touch.
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Madhe Mosque

Eat at Restaurant Bifurkacioni

Regardless of which religion you subscribe to—or even if you don’t subscribe to any—visiting these houses of worship is one of the top things to do in Ferizaj, Kosovo.

The Meal

Despite its struggles in the past, today, Ferizaj is a quaint yet thriving Balkan city. Between its historically significant religious sites, its unique geographical features, and its natural beauty, Ferizaj is quite stunning.
I stayed in one of their artsy and minimalistic junior suites. They offer lots of seating, a king-sized bed with lights around the headboard, and a flatscreen TV. The bathroom is modern with a sleek, black backsplash. If you like staying in boutique hotels while traveling, this is where to stay in Ferizaj.
As is customary, you’ll also enjoy fluffy, freshly baked bread, which I advise trying with their mozzarella-like cow cheese and spicy peppers.

I can’t forget the pite, which is a stuffed pastry that felt almost like a cross between byrek and pizza. The top comes nicely browned and crisp, while the underside is a bit doughy. If you’re familiar with Latin-American cuisine, it reminded me of a tasty meat empanada!

I suggest dipping small chunks of the fresh bread into the smooth cheese and yogurt of the tava. The combination of bread and different types of cheese is one of my favorite elements of Kosovar cuisine, and it did not disappoint.
Restaurant Bifurkacioni

As you stroll down the boulevard, you’ll pass shops blaring traditional Albanian music, as well as residential buildings and other commercial spaces. Some of the vendors there sell knockoff goods, so I advise being wary before making purchases there.

I suggest admiring the main hall, which is decorated with bright carpets and a large, ornate chandelier. Just be as quiet as possible so as not to disturb any worshippers inside.
One of my favorite dishes that you can find in southeastern Europe and Asia Minor is sarma. It consists of cabbage leaves stuffed with rice and meat. This fermented dish is full of flavor and contains a delicious tomato sauce!

Regardless of which time of day you visit, I recommend starting with some of their smooth quince or pear rakija. Rakija is a strong fruit brandy that is extremely popular throughout the Balkans and can be made using a number of different fruits.


Madhe Mosque, also known as Xhamia e Madhe, dates back to the 1890s. The original mosque was destroyed during World War II and rebuilt in 1943. As is customary in any mosque, you must remove your shoes before you go inside.
The Village is a great spot to have a drink with friends without having to go far from the hotel. The crowd there is young, mostly between the ages of 25 and 35, and it’s a great place to people watch!
Ferizaj 70000 Kosovo

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