Exchanging currency at the best possible rates is a priority for every traveler. Since money changers are usually trying to make a quick buck from unsuspecting tourists, you should stay away from them. Instead, you should keep an eye on the USD to INR exchange rate to spot the best deal for currency exchange
High season refers to the period in which foreign destinations witness booming tourism and the prices are at their peak. If you prioritize saving money, you should never plan your travel during popular festivities like Christmas and New Year. Instead, you should travel in the low season when accommodation and flight tickets are comparatively cheaper.

  1. Carefully plan your budget

Always say no to extravagant spending and estimate the value of products to see whether they are really worth the price. As far as travel and entertainment is concerned, you can visit tourist attractions that offer free entry. Regardless of the duration of your travel, you should keep a constant check on your expenses.
You can avoid plunging into such a situation by acting wisely and monitoring your spendings regularly during the trip. It would be best that you travel like a local and avoid expensive places in the US where you might have to spend a fortune. Above all, make sure you follow the smart tips listed above to boost overall savings and prevent unnecessary expenditure.

  1. Keep an eye on live exchange rates

This is why the country attracts swaths of travelers from across the globe each year. Since flying to the United States involves numerous expenses, spending wisely becomes a matter of importance. Listed below are some proven tips that are sure to help you trim expenses and maximize savings during your international trips.

  1. Look for affordable accommodation

If the foodie within you gets kindled and desires lip-smacking treats, you can feast on street food at local stalls which can be found in almost all parts of the United States. Not only is street food pocket-friendly but also scrumptious enough to tantalize your taste buds.

  1. Rely on public transport modes

The biggest benefit of traveling in the off-season is that you will find airports and vacation spots free from large crowds. This will give you ample photographic opportunities. With less crowds around, no one would get in the way and spoil your pictures. Besides enjoying affordability, you will get the chance to explore your favorite places with peace of mind. 

  1. Cook your own meals

Without a doubt, traveling overseas can turn out to be a costly endeavor if you do not plan your budget in advance. If you are planning a trip to the USA, you must consider all the possible expenses including airfare, accommodation costs etc. Creating a well-planned budget is only half the job: you have to stick to it no matter what comes your way.
There is no denying that fine dining in a premium restaurant can pave the way for a luxurious experience, especially when the decor is top-notch. If the duration of your trip is hardly 3 to 4 days, eating out would not take a heavy toll on your pocket. But when it comes to week-long getaways, restaurant expenses can add up quickly, thereby negatively affecting your budget.

  1. Consider investing in a forex card

The good news is that you can save a ton of money by cooking your own meals with fresh ingredients. You can search online to locate the nearest supermarket to buy groceries and vegetables at cheap rates. Since grocery stores house local produce of the finest quality, your homemade meals will be healthy and full of ethnic flavors.
A reliable online currency converter like BookMyForex can come in handy for monitoring the changes in live exchange rates. It can help you control your expenses abroad by alerting you when and when not to avail currency exchange.

  1. Avoid travel during high season

It goes without saying that nothing can beat the luxury experience of staying in a sumptuous 5-star hotel. However, the expense of staying in a posh hotel can bring your money saving efforts to a halt. Hence, you must start the search for cheap accommodation prior to your trip. There are many hostels in the US that offer convenience and all the necessary amenities at a fraction of the cost.
Once you load your forex card with USD, the rates are locked-in and no longer affected by currency fluctuations. Moreover, forex cards are an ideal alternative to foreign currency notes as they guarantee up to 2.5% savings.
Looking for smart money saving tips to travel abroad under a shoestring budget? Unwinding from stressful schedules and embarking on a leisure trip to the USA is an excellent way to uplift your mood. Boasting gorgeous coastlines, vivacious cities and verdant grasslands, the USA is home to a plethora of diverse destinations.
Using urban transport modes for moving around the city is another step you can take to cut down on heavy expenses. Although you can easily book private cabs and get rental cars in the US, you will have to break the bank to avail these services. Whereas public transport modes like buses and metros are much cheaper.
A vacation to the USA can work wonders for energizing your senses after you have endured countless hectic workdays. Lately, there has been a huge increase in the number of Indians flying to the US for recreational travel. While traveling is all about exploration and fun, your experience can suffer badly if you end up spending more than what your budget allows.
No one likes to bear the brunt of debit/credit card transactions which are subject to exorbitant transaction fees. What’s good is that you can easily ward off heavy transaction costs by investing in a prepaid multi-currency forex card. Forex cards sold by leading foreign exchange marketplaces safeguard travelers from rapid fluctuations in exchange rate values.

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