In the kitchen, I watched them grill tomahawks, skirt steak, flank steak, prime rib, chicken hearts, lamp chops, and more! The guys in there were so fun and friendly! Everything cooks over charcoal.
Next, I got some more flank. I was crazy how good it was. It’s best to eat it as soon as they cut it. Then, I had some cassava flour with chicken hearts. The crumbly flour and gamy hearts is the perfect combination!
Here, you can order a variety of dishes, including fish, sushi, and salads. But the best part is that the placemats have a diagram that shows the cuts of meat they recommend! They brought us a platter of cheese and cold cuts with some berries, honey, and hearts of palm, as well as some pao de queijo.

Where have you been?
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I hope you liked coming with me on my all you can eat Brazilian steakhouse experience in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! If you did, please give this video a thumbs up and leave a comment below. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and click the notification bell so you don’t miss any of my travel/food adventures around the world!

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Back at our table, we started with flank steak. It was so juicy! Even though I’d eaten tons of meat the previous night, I was in the mood for more. Then, the waiter brought us some amazing, thinly-cut picanha. It was crazy good and very salty! Between the meat and the view, I was in heaven!
Next was some lechon, which was very crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Our last piece of meat was the medium-rare tomahawk. It’s one of my favorites! I loved how different all the cuts of meat were.

My day began at Assador Flamengo, an amazing local steakhouse in the Flamengo area, with my friends Guilherme and Rafa from Rio4Fun and Rio4Food. It faces Flamengo Beach and Sugarloaf Mountain, two of the city’s major landmarks and top attractions!

Finally, we finished with two types of crème brulee. It was like a thick, dense Argentine dulce de leche! The second was like a fluffy cream. Then, we had a lime one, which was like a key lime pie. But the dulce de leche was my favorite!

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The lamb chop was unbelievable as well. I tried a bit of potato salad. The flank was out of this world, but the hump was my favorite cut. Next was the ancho, which was roasted on the outside and buttery and fatty on the inside. The rock salt on the outside made it!
Big thanks to Guilherme and Rafa for bringing me on this all you can eat Brazilian steakhouse adventure in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! I also have to give a huge shoutout to my friends at the Yoo2 Rio de Janeiro by Intercity for hosting us during our time in Rio! They’re one of the top hotels in the city!
Like all Brazilian steakhouses, you take your seats and the waiters bring the meat to you. It’s a huge restaurant with a large, beautiful dining hall. The architecture inside is stunning, and it’s open-air, which adds to the unique ambiance. They also have an amazing terrace outside. I couldn’t wait to eat!
With my trip through southern Brazil slowly winding to a close, I knew I needed to have one last Brazilian barbecue experience before I left. Come with me as I go on an epic, all you can eat Brazilian steakhouse experience in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

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