There’s still a long way to go before airports see the same number of passengers go through their gates again, but there are organizations and people who have resumed their business and personal travels. After all, it’s been more than a couple of months since people have seen their loved ones living in other parts of the country or the world. Many businesses are also eager to get their operations back on track after more than a year of making adjustments so that they can keep up with these unprecedented challenges.
Short-haul Flights
Hopping on a plane again and seeing other places can be a wonderful change of pace, especially if you’ve spent the past few months or so cooped up at home. Consider the tips we’ve mentioned in this article when dressing up for your first flight, and you can spend the duration of your journey in comfort and without feeling or looking out of place.
Sneakers are the first option when it comes to shoes, and they should be worn with compression socks to support your legs during the long flight. Dress shoes can cause discomfort in the long run, and it’s only polite to wear closed shoes when you’ll be in the company of the same people for more than a few hours. Don’t just go with any sneakers that you have, though. Choose the pair that would fit in an airport watering hole or the establishment you’ll be heading to once you get to your destination city.
Long-haul Flights
Traveling by plane these days is a bit different compared to the days before COVID-19. If you’re looking forward to taking a flight for business or pleasure in the next few days, it’s important to take note of the safety measures in place to prevent the spread of disease before, during, and after your flight.
Aside from your typical luggage, it’s a good idea to pack a hygiene kit with you. This kit should include disposable or reusable masks, hand sanitizers for yourself, and sanitizing wipes to clean surfaces that you need to come into contact with. You should also prepare cold and flu medication in case you feel a bit under the weather during your trip.
For the top, you can go with something as simple as an Oxford shirt that can be paired with any type of pants. You can throw in a jacket depending on the season as well. As for the bottoms, a good pair of dark denim pants should look good no matter what your flight throws your way. Sneakers or even a pair of boots would look great with this outfit, depending on what types of tasks you’ll have to take care of or events you’ll be going to once you’ve landed.
Dressing up casually for a short-haul flight is perfectly acceptable, especially if you’re not going straight to a meeting upon your arrival. If you’re looking forward to hours of sitting down, it’s still advisable to wear compression socks for men to ensure proper blood circulation in your legs. That said, you can be a bit more forgiving with the rest of your outfit.
Flights that may last more than a couple of hours, on the other hand, may require more preparation compared to shorter flights. You definitely want to dress for comfort without compromising your sense of style. You want to avoid looking like a worn-out tourist when you step out of your plane, even if you actually are exhausted due to hours of flying and crossing different time zones.
Preparing for Your First Post-COVID-19 Flight
A simple shirt with a jacket or a sleek-looking sweater should do well for your top. For the bottoms, though, you might want to choose soft jersey cotton sweatpants that look and feel good on your skin.
Additionally, make it a point to bring all the health-related documentation that you might need to present, such as vaccination cards and PCR test results. Before you leave, it’s a smart move to check if there are any changes in the status of your destination and the establishment where you’ll be checking in. This way, you can anticipate and prepare for any changes in your itinerary.
The spread of COVID-19 has severely affected the aviation and tourism industry as many companies and individuals have paused or postponed their travel plans and events. Now that many countries and organizations have gained a better understanding of the disease and the measures needed to protect the general population, the industries affected by the pandemic are starting to regain their footing.
Now, if you haven’t been on a plane for months or if you’ve acquired a new job that requires you to travel by air for work, you might be thinking about how you should prepare for your next flight. You can begin by planning what to wear while you’re traveling. How you plan your outfit will often depend on how many hours you’ll be flying, the season, and what you should expect to attend to as soon as you land. Here are a few practical tips to get you started:

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