With a tap or two to the left or right earbud, you can play your tunes, pause, change the volume, skip, make calls, and more.
But, you need the right pair of headphones.
xFyro ANC Pro make dead batteries a thing of the past. These headphones have the longest battery life of any true wireless earbuds on the market. With up to 10 hours of playback per charge, you’ll make it through just about any trip without having to re-up.
That means if you’re going on a month-long backpacking trip, you’ll be able to listen to xFyro for 3+ hours a day, every day, without having to plug a single charger into a power source.

  • Bulky: Headphones can’t take up too much space in your bag
  • Showy: Big, showy headphones are a good way to make yourself a target to thieves
  • Fragile: You need a pair of headphones that can get stuck in the rain
  • Low-power: Battery life is a must for long-haul flights

xFyro ANC Pro also come packed with travel-friendly tech like 100-hour battery life, IPX5 waterproofing, a 30-foot wireless range, and way more.
With DA access, you can surf the web, send voice-to-chat texts, make reservations and bookings, or call the fam back home—all hands-free.
The xFyro ANC Pro were designed by ergonomic engineers to rest comfortably inside the ear canal without putting pressure on the canal walls.
Check out xFyro ANC Pro and order your pair now at xfyro.com. 

xFyro’s AI-Powered ANC Brings Travel and Music into Harmony 

Plus, touch controls are just cooler!
ANC stands for active noise cancellation. It’s hardware in headphones that blocks noises from your environment from reaching your ears. By “canceling” noise, you can hear your music better and hear fewer distractions.
Most other wireless headphones only have a 10-foot wireless range, which shrinks to 5 feet if your phone is behind a barrier (basically, your phone needs to be on you all the time).
But thanks to Bluetooth 5.0, xFyro ANC Pro does all the work for you.

How does it work?

What does this mean for travelers? It means you’ll be able to keep the soundtrack to your trip playing no matter where your feet take you. You can enjoy the sights of your trip and the sounds of your music without losing awareness of your surroundings.
xFyro are the first earbuds that I can wear for 5+ hours without feeling any irritation. In fact, I don’t really feel anything at all.
Auto-pairing and Extended Wireless Range
After a few minutes, xFyro ANC Pro just blend in with your body. It’s like you’re listening to music inside your head!
Travel headphones cannot be:
That’s why I travel with xFyro ANC Pro true wireless headphones. They’re discreet, inner-ear earbuds with huge sound. Plus, they feature artificial intelligence technology that keeps you aware of your environment while your music is playing (I’ll explain in a sec).

Unbeatable 100-hour Battery

xFyro’s unique AI algorithm uses the microphones on the earbuds to listen to sounds from your environment. It can recognize over 6000 different sounds! The algorithm intercepts these sounds before they reach your ears and categorizes them into critical and non-critical.
All non-critical noises are canceled. Critical noises, such as sirens, alarms, and voices speaking to you, are allowed to pass through the speakers to your ears. When a critical noise is detected, xFyro ANC Pro will automatically lower the volume of your music and play the critical sound through the headphone speakers.
Believe me, I spent hundreds on a pair of AirPods only to have them quit on me during a light rain in Thailand.
If you’re tired of touch controls, why not use your voice? With a few taps to an earbud, you can summon your digital assistant from your phone right into your headphones’ speakers.
Google, Siri, and other digital assistants will follow voice commands you give via xFyro’s dual-beamforming mics on each earbud.
It’s about time we talked about what’s really important: the audio quality. xFyro ANC Pro might have some cool AI features, but do they sound any good?

Nobel-Worthy Graphene Speakers

Who’s got time for buttons these days? xFyro ANC Pro feature intuitive touch controls, allowing you to take charge of your music and your phone with a series of taps.

The xFyro carrying case contains another 90 hours of life. So, even if your headphones run out of juice, you can put them back in the case and restore them to their original glory in no time. Just a 15-minute charge is enough to power the earbuds for 10 hours of playback!
xFyro ANC Pro have an IPX5 waterproof rating, meaning they can handle any kind of weather, from light mists to downpours. Go ahead and wear them hiking in the rainforest or going puddle jumping in Barcelona. They won’t miss a beat.
Graphene is the strongest and thinnest material on Earth (even harder than diamond). Because of its size and strength, it’s perfectly suited for very small speakers.

Waterproof and Climate Ready

I’m not super knowledgeable about tech, so I don’t like to navigate menus and do a lot of setup just to listen to music. Unfortunately, this is typical with wireless headphones.
Bluetooth 5.0 is the most advanced wireless technology you can get in consumer headphones. It allows for instant pairing, so you never have to navigate menus or do any connecting (apart from the first time you use your headphones). Just stick them in and press play. That’s it!
A lot of headphones have this tech nowadays, but it has some drawbacks for travelers. While it’s great on planes and buses, it can get you into trouble when you’re walking in new cities or exploring natural areas. This is because ANC prevents you from hearing ALL sounds—even the ones you need to hear.
Google and Siri on Board
I used to get annoyed with tiny earbuds because they just weren’t that comfortable, especially after a few hours of continuous use. My ears always felt achy and itchy. Or even worse, my AirPods just fell out whenever I hit a bump in the road.

Ergonomic Perfect Fit

You’ll hear tuk-tuks approaching in busy Mumbai and be able to order from a barista in Italy without taking out your earbuds or even pressing pause. And, you’ll never miss the drink cart on a plane, even if you’re lost in your music.
Graphene speakers work so well because they don’t degrade or become damaged over time due to vibration (unlike other speaker drivers). This allows graphene to up the volume and the bass without risking audio quality. xFyro ANC Pro deliver clearer audio at louder volumes, and they’re guaranteed to last.
xFyro use graphene to make inner-ear canal speakers that perform better than much larger normal speakers, giving xFyro ANC Pro big studio-quality audio in a small package.
They are also sealed to prevent dust and debris from getting in, so you can enjoy your tunes at the beach and from the back of a camel in the desert.
It’s super helpful if you’re wearing big mittens in The Alps (or if you’re just super lazy like me!).

Bluetooth 5.0 also lets you go further from your phone without disrupting the signal. With a 30 foot range, you can leave your phone locked safely in your luggage compartment on a train and still control all your music with zero lag or skipping.

And most importantly, your headphones can’t cause you to tune out of what’s going on around you. When you’re in a new place, you need to stay aware of your surroundings.
Without buttons, your earbuds look better and last longer. Fewer cracks and creases give xFyro ANC Pro a solid casing that can’t be breached.
Don’t risk your safety and your travel memories on your old headphones. Get travel headphones from xFyro and bring your music and your travels into perfect harmony.
Traveling without headphones is like watching a movie without the soundtrack. Your playlist defines every part of your adventure. And, associating your new memories with your favorite tunes will help you to remember them forever.
Instead of forcing the earbuds in, you rest them in your ears. Then, the silicone ear tips adjust to your unique ear canal (kind of like a memory foam mattress does to your body).
Nothing’s worse than making it through half of a 10-hour flight only to have your headphones quit on you. Then, you have to use those crappy ones provided by the airline that never stay on and sound like they’re filled with tin foil.

Touch Controls

I can’t wait to get back on the road, and I’m stocking up now while travel gear is still cheap. Luckily, xFyro is running a sale right now, so you can get a pair of xFyro ANC Pro for 50% off—just in time for travel season.
For true wireless headphones, you won’t find much better than xFyro ANC Pro in terms of sound quality. That’s because xFyro builds its speakers with a Nobel Prize-winning nanoparticle called graphene.

After a year of being stuck inside, the world’s collective travel bug has been cocooning for way too long. This year, it’s about to bust out into the craziest globe-hopping butterfly you’ve ever seen.
The only thing they can’t do is be totally submerged in water, so remember to take them out before you go swimming!

With xFyro ANC Pro, your music never competes with your adventures. 
Whether you’re a city hopper or a mountain-climber, you’re going to find yourself stuck in the rain eventually. DO NOT spend a fortune on a pair of slick headphones only to have them short out due to a few drops of water.
But xFyro’s new artificial intelligence (AI) ANC is different. xFyro “taught” its new headphones to understand the difference between sounds you need to hear and sounds you don’t. So, xFyro ANC Pro can block annoying sounds and pass the critical ones to your ears.

Get xFyro ANC Pro for 50% Off and Be Ready for Travel Season 2021!

Below, I’ll tell you why xFyro ANC Pro are my top travel headphones. If you’re short on time, you can head straight to xFyro’s site to see these earbuds in action and pick up a pair. During their spring sale, you can get a pair of xFyro ANC Pro for 50% off. Just in time for travel season!
The carrying case charges quickly too. Once your 100 hours of combined power are up, you’ll be back to 100 again after 2 hours of charging. The case charges via USB-C cable and features Type-C fast charging.
Now, you can stay completely aware of your surroundings and enjoy your music at the same time (and with zero effort).
And, I’ve never had an earbud fall out, even when I fell off a donkey in Katmandu (long story).

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