Tennessee, for instance, but don’t let that put you off. Missouri is a total gem to visit and well worth a visit whilst driving through the midwest.

11 Best Things To Do In Arkansas
It’s the perfect stopping place when driving between St. Louis and Kansas City. 
After you arrive, be sure to hop on a ride and travel through the Fantastic Caverns. Taking around an hour to explore, you’ll meander through the cave system and follow the ancient river bed that run through the rock. 

1.) Branson

Best Things To Do In Missouri
The Ozarks Best Things To Do In Missouri
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If you’ve got time, also make sure to head over to the Mark Twain Cave, which is one of Missouri’s oldest operating cave systems that you can still visit. It’s pretty epic. 
Once you arrive, head over to explore Kansas City Market that dates all the way back to the 1800s. Here, you’ll find everything from grocers, restaurants and shops that really show off the best of the region. Just be sure to grab a pastry from the Bloom Baking Company; their pastries are just so good. 
Art, not your thing? Then get yourself over to the National World War I Museum. Housing many exhibits from WWI, including Weapons and artillery, armours, and accounts’ it’s the kind of place that’s well worth visiting to learn more about the atrocities of the war.  Plus, don’t forget to see the Liberty Memorial, too.
Oh, and don’t forget about Grand Falls on the fringes of Joplin. Here, you’ll get to see the falls and the pools whilst strolling the wider McClelland Park. 
Best Things To Do In Missouri

2.) The Ozarks

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Staying for at least a few days, you’ll get to experience so many of the best things to do in Missouri within one place! It’s got a little something for everyone. 
Best Things To Do In Missouri
Nestled on the original Route 66, Joplin is a cosy little place that’s great for a few hours respite whilst driving. Famous for its mining and minerals, it’s the kind of place that’s really embraced its heritage; especially at the Joplin History and Mineral Museum. Although not the largest museum in Missouri, it’s well worth a gander if you’re interested in the history of the area. 
Best Things To Do In Missouri
Best Things To Do In Missouri

3.) St. Louis

Best Things To Do In Missouri

10.) Dogwood Canyon Nature Park

Best Things To Do In Missouri

Best Things To Do In Missouri

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