The online travel agencies listed below all accept Bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies as payment for their services. Each platform offers unique and cost-effective options for traveling abroad, providing first-class flying arrangements and helping you find five-star lodgings for the length of your trip.
Gyanendra Khadka created Xceltrip to decentralize the travel economy and give customers direct access to travel service providers, granting more control to travelers regarding their trip’s price and luxury. With over a million hotels and 400 airlines listed on the site, customers can plan their journey in a way that suits them and their families, all in one place.
Their commitment to providing customer-friendly service is evident in their acceptance of cryptocurrencies, multiple language settings, and multi-channel customer service network. You can reach out to them via phone, email, and social media, or check out their Help Center for more details.
For instance, online access to your cryptocurrency wallet gives you more direct control over your wealth. Not needing to go through a bank makes all purchases and payments much faster than using a credit card or bank transfer. Additionally, Bitcoin generally has lower transaction fees when compared to traditional banking methods. Plus, having full ownership of your cryptocurrency means that a third party can’t take over control of your funds without your consent.

Travel Sites That Accept Cryptocurrency

Founded in 2017 by blockchain industry experts, Travala advertises itself as the world’s leading blockchain-based travel site. Their directory lists over two million properties in 230 countries and territories, with booking prices up to 40% lower than the next leading travel platform. Travala is so dedicated to providing their service at a great value that they also offer their best price guarantee—they will match the price of a property if found at a lower cost on another platform.

Destinia is a travel and booking platform established in 2001 as an agency catered to travelers on an international scale. In following that goal, their website offers translations of its content into multiple languages such as Spanish, English, and French.
The sleekly-designed website and its search options are robust enough for anyone to find a great flight and hotel that suits their needs. If you or your family would like to vacation to Beijing, Seoul, or London, you can rest assured that can find a price that fits your budget.

For travel, in particular, there are many flight and hotel booking options that will take Bitcoins as payment. If you’re sitting on a pile of Bitcoins and are dying to explore the world, then here are a few options to help you do just that.
With their expertise in blockchain-based currencies, the Xceltip system can accept all kinds of cryptocurrencies. Xceltrip is dedicated to creating digital services that support a crypto-based economy and fill the gap in online travel, hospitality, and retail.

Travala’s co-founders, Juan Otero and Steve Hipwell, sought to make this travel platform the frontrunner in online currency acceptance, offering transparent pricing and secure transactions.

So, if you’re looking to combine your Bitcoin success with your love of travel, check out the sites above for great options.
They’re focused on providing visitors accommodations that are a mixture of distinction, luxuriousness, and affordability. Destinia runs a comprehensive search tool that allows customers to sort the available listing by what they want for their trip. Whether you’re traveling for a romantic getaway,  a vacation with the family, or only for business, Destina can help you put together a plan that’s right for you.
Accepting over 25 payment methods and 73 different currencies, dedicates itself to getting its customers where they want to go with affordable and convenient pricing. Customers have a choice of over 600 international airlines that go nearly everywhere in the world and provide high-class accommodations. They offer fair and transparent pricing, plus location itineraries and multi-stop options to better plan your trip.

Before you can make a purchase, you have to create a Bitcoin wallet, if you don’t already have one. This wallet allows you to store your digital money in a secure and easily-accessible location. According to CryptoHead “hardware wallets are the safest way to store your cryptocurrencies”. From there, you can spend your Bitcoin on whatever you want, as long as the seller supports it.
Their cancellation protection service is especially customer-friendly. For an additional fee on top of travel costs, they will let you cancel your trip for no added cost in case of extenuating circumstances.’s platform was established in 2011 as a travel website that would expressly accept cryptocurrencies as payment. Their services allow customers to plan their trip using one website that offers affordable flights to locations worldwide and helps you book stays at five-star hotels, top-quality hostels, and more.

How To Make Payments Using Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies or digital finances have faced a lot of skepticism over the years since being introduced. This uncertainty has been particularly pronounced with the turbulent history of Bitcoin, criticized for creating artificial economic bubbles, security issues, and potential energy consumption.
At first, finding somewhere to spend your cryptocurrency could be an issue because of the limited number of stores that accept them compared to credit or debit. However, Bitcoin has several unique advantages during transactions that make the search worth it.
When you want to make payments with your cryptocurrency, the first step is to ensure that you’re on a platform that accepts digital currencies. As Bitcoin was the first of its kind, you’ll find that it is the most commonly accepted cryptocurrency. Also, it is the most recommended for use because of its top-notch security features.
However, as time has passed and the online currency has become more accepted, more options for Bitcoin purchases are now available. While it’s becoming a form of investment, many online retailers also accept Bitcoin, including food delivery services and clothes stores.
They also provide a unique resource for small hospitality businesses, allowing them to partner with the Xceltrip company easily. Xceltrip’s company marketing system helps increase the new partner’s bottom line and grow their business.

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