I was feeling electric after all the coffee, but I still had to try their cold brew! The Brazilian and Guatemalan beans were nice, and it’s brewed in a way that produces a higher caffeine content and lower acidity. This was my type of coffee! It had double the caffeine content, so it packs a punch!
They use a hose and suck the beans into a roaster. It’s a very cool machine that turns the green beans yellow, orange, and eventually brown during a chemical reaction that caramelizes the beans. It only takes 14 minutes to roast!
If you’ve watched my past videos, you’ll probably know that I am a coffee fanatic! I love it. I drink Cuban coffee every day when I’m at home in Miami, and I’m a bit of a coffee snob when it comes to how I like it. Come with me as I try nonstop coffee at a coffee house in Miami, Florida!
Inside, I met Chris, who took me into their roasting facility to meat Paul and Robert. Every coffee they buy is specialty-grade. You take the beans and roast them before you can actually drink it.

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Then, they walked me through the process of assessing the coffee’s origin. They grind the coffee varieties up and you smell it to note the differences.
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Then, we sampled each of the coffees. You take a small sample on a spoon and slurp it so that it gets all over your tongue and into your nasal passage. I wanted to be able to pinpoint the flavors of each one. I needed to work on my slurping technique, but the coffees were great. My favorite was the final one I tried. These dark roast blends came from Brazil, Colombia, and Sumatra. It’s one of their best-selling coffees.
Then, I tried the espresso fino blend from Brazil, Guatemala, and Sumatra. It smelled incredible and was a little bitter. I could drink it with no sugar. Then, I tried it with milk, which made it nice and creamy! Then, I watched them bag the coffee. Each one gets filled with 5 pounds of coffee beans. The bags are then shipped to their distributor and then goes to hotels and other coffee shops.

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My morning began at Per’la Specialty Roasters, a local coffee company that makes award-winning single-origin coffee. Their beans come from all over the world: Ethiopia, Colombia, Rwanda, Sumatra, and more! The owners, Paul and Chris, were going to show me around!

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