Mainland Greece, Skiathos is one of the most beautiful Greek islands to visit. It’s an Aegean Sea gem that’s got all the whitewashed quaint towns, beautiful bays and stunning vistas that make Greece so special. Though, with so many places, it can be tough to whittle down which of the very best things to do in Skiathos. 

Chora means town in Greece and is typically used with the island being named the same as the main town itself. 
Once here, make sure to stop off at the Castle ruins and see the Little Church in the Castle that’s so quaint. 
For dinner, head to Alexandros and eat at the outdoor tables. It’s a great spot for fresh seafood.

1.) Ramble around Kastro

20 Very Best Greek Islands To Visit
Best Things To Do in Skiathos Bay
Take plenty of SPF, water and a beach towel if you don’t fancy renting an umbrella. 
Fancy a little trip into town? Pop over to Skiathos Town which has heaps of little restaurants, gorgeous streets and a historic harbour area that you can’t miss. 
Driving here? Just be sure to be ready for the small roads in Skiathos. They can be tricky if you’re used to North American roads. 
Now, the only way to reach Lalaria Beach is by boat.
Best Things To Do in Skiathos

2.) Sail Around Skiathos

Best Things To Do in Skiathos

5.) Koukaniers Beach

Best Things To Do in Skiathos

7.) Mikros Aselinos

Best Things To Do in Skiathos

10.) Xanemos Beach

Best Things To Do in Skiathos

Yes, the island of Skiathos is small; but that’s all part of its charm. I loved my visit and the whole Greek island experience is just gorgeous. 

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