Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary (to name a few). That being said, the real draw for me is the great outdoors, especially with all the best places in the Canadian Rocky Mountains to visit. 

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Driving Canada's Epic Icefields Parkway And Finding The Frozen Bubbles Of Abraham Lake (8)
Oh, and don’t forget you can easily pop over to Wapta Falls, too! 
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Places To See On A Drive From Vancouver To Calgary (25)

1.) Icefields Parkway, Alberta

Just off the Trans-Canadian Highway, Johnston Canyon is a relatively easy hike that’s great if you’re not the most confident of hikers (but still want great views).
Grotto Canyon, Wolfdogs And The Canadian Rockies (14)
The Most Beautiful Place In Jasper (Canada) You've Never Heard Of! (41)
The Magnificent Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise (30)
Nestled within Jasper, Maligne Canyon and Maligne Lake is one of the more popular places in Jasper National Park to see.
Best Places in The Canadian Rocky Mountains (4)
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2.) Yoho National Park, British Columbia

Stretching between the gorgeous places in Alberta and British Columbia, the Canadian Rocky Mountains is one of the most dramatic and iconic places in western Canada that you can’t miss. It’s totally gorgeous and home to world-famous lakes, frozen waterfalls and the most beautiful scenic spots. It’s totally timeless and completely gorgeous. 
Hiking Johnston Canyon And Seeing The Northern Lights Over Canada (24)
Driving Canada's Epic Icefields Parkway And Finding The Frozen Bubbles Of Abraham Lake (3)
Hiking Johnston Canyon And Seeing The Northern Lights Over Canada (14)
Yoho National Park has some bonny views across the Canadian Rockies and is easily one of British Columbia’s most iconic parks. 
Being Canada’s oldest national park, Banff is one of the more famous and well-known spots to see in the Candian Rockies. Set around the town of Banff itself, the national park is a huge region that includes some of the prettiest spots in Alberta. 

3.) Banff National Park, Alberta

Now, we’ve driven this route quite a few times and although it’s totally stunning it can be closed without warning, especially in the colder months (due to avalanches). We’ve been caught out a few times by this and it’s a pretty big detour (a good 4-5 hours extra) if you’re planning on driving between Jasper and Banff. 
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For the best views, head to the Rockpiles area where you’ll get to see all across the glacial fed waters! 

Best Places in The Canadian Rocky Mountains (5)
One of the best places in the Canadian Rocky Mountains to drive, you’ll be able to stop off at spots like; Boundary Lake, the incredible Columbia Icefield Skywalk and even spot the Stutfield Glacier that’s totally huge! 

4.) Peyto Lake, Alberta

Now, Peyto Lake is totally gorgeous, especially with the blue-green colour that’s caused by the glacier waters that are high in minerals. 
Take a look, below, at the best places in the Canadian Rocky Mountains to visit. Have an amazing time in Canada. 
During the winters the turquoise waters freeze and you can head right onto Lake Louise to go ice skating!
Taking you through with scenic wooded canyon, with trails for hiking, it’s one of the best places in the Canadian Rocky Mountains to visit in any season. Though do wear crampons if you’re heading on the trails in winter (like we did), the route is icy.
Best Places in The Canadian Rocky Mountains (2)

5.) Wells Gray, British Columbia

Best Places in The Canadian Rocky Mountains (7)
Briefly touched upon earlier, We’ve visited Lake Louise in summer and winter and it’s totally beautiful and well worth a gander whilst exploring the wider Canadian Rockies.
Also, if you’re visiting in the winter, head to Maligne Canyon and hike through the frozen trail to the waterfall.

18 Best Places In Canada To Visit
Best Places in The Canadian Rocky Mountains (3)

6.) Johnston Canyon, Alberta

If that’s not your thing, head over to the Wolfdog sanctuary that cares for wolfdogs that can’t be released into the wild. we stopped by for a few hours and totally loved learning more about wolfdogs and how they came about. 
The Most Beautiful Place In Jasper (Canada) You've Never Heard Of! (24)
Once you arrive, be sure to spot Helmcken Falls that’s totally incredible in winter or summer. Plus, take some time to visit Spahats Creek Falls or go whitewater rafting (with Interior Whitewater Expeditions) on the North Thompson River. 
We couldn’t resist a stop at Wells Gray Provincial Park whilst road tripping between Vancouver to Calgary – and what a great call it was! 

The Magnificent Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise (24)
On a clear day, you’ll get to see the incredible rocky peaks and spot the glaciers that feed the lake itself. In the summer months, you can rent a canoe and paddle the lake’s waters; it’s totally beautiful and serene. 

7.) Moraine Lake, Alberta

Best Places in The Canadian Rocky Mountains (6)
Fancy a longer hike? Head on the Iceline Trail that heads way beyond Laughing Falls and is totally beautiful and unspoilt. 
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Once here, you can head around to explore; the Natural Bridge, Hamilton Falls, Takakkaw Falls, Spiral Tunnel, Upper Spiral Tunnel Viewpoint, and The Village of Field. You’ll be spoilt for choice, especially with the Emerald Lake and Lake O’Hara, too.

8.) Athabasca Falls, Alberta

Another spot in Banff National Park, Peyto Lake is named after Bill Peyto, a pioneering mountain guide that once worked in Banff. 
We loved it. 
Along the way, you’ll get to see Lower Canyon Falls and Upper Canyon Falls which is a must-see! Taking about 2.5-hours (there and back) it’s something we did in the morning before heading back to Calgary.  So, to save you a little time (and to maximise your trip), I wanted to share the gems we totally loved. Some are within easy reach of Banff or day trips from cities like Calgary; whilst others will require a little planning. Whatever the case, I’m sure I can whet your appetite with a handful of spots you’ll love. 
As mentioned within Yoho National Park, Takakkaw Falls is a spot you really can’t miss. You see, at over 370+ metres in height, it’s the second tallest waterfall in all of Canada! 

9.) Canmore, Alberta

That being said, you can easily make a dent in some of the most iconic and dazzling spots to get a real taster of what the Canadian Rockies is all about.
Just make sure to get some crampons as you’ll be hiking over the frozen river at times! Keep your eyes peeled for the historic pictographs painted by First Nations people on the walls of the canyon.
Really easy to visit, once here you can explore some of the trails and follow the routes over the falls that’s totally stunning when the water is high.
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Grotto Canyon, Wolfdogs And The Canadian Rockies (18)
We spent a whole day here, though you can spend much longer, and explore some of the parks most iconic spots.

For a place to stay, drive to Kananaskis and check into the Pomeroy Kananaskis Mountain Lodge. It was totally lovely and they also have a Nordic-style outdoor spa, too! 

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We’ve explored the Canadian Rocky Mountains quite a few times now – and, on each visit, we always find somewhere we haven’t been. This is the first lesson in exploring the mountains here, I think it’d take you years (if not decades) to see all there is to experience. So, don’t expect to ‘complete’ or see everything in just one trip; it just isn’t possible. 

It was incredible and such a great view. 
Nestled within Jasper National Park, Athabasca Falls is one of the best places in the Canadian Rocky Mountains to explore that’s around 25-minutes south of Jasper town. 

10.) Maligne Lake and Canyon, Alberta

It’s totally stunning and really easy to book with a guide in Jasper.
In the summer, you’ll get to head out on the lake within a canoe and hike the trails overlooking the Rockies themselves.
We spent quite a bit of time in and around Canmore on our last trip to the Canadian Rockies and totally loved it. Although not within a National Park itself, the region is stunning and there’s so much to see.
Finally, for some epic views, head on a helicopter flight from Alpine Helicopters (we did the Royal Canadian Tour) that took us right over the Canadian Rockies and well into the towering mountains.
Also, if you fancy a ski, head over to Marmot Basin (just north) to try their slopes. Much quieter than spots like Sunshine Village, it’s a total gem that has a heap of runs for all abilities. 
One thing to note, car parking can be limited here – especially on busier weekends. If you want to avoid the majority of visitors, head across a first thing in the morning when it’s much quieter. 
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What I would say is that you’ll need a fair amount of days to truly explore Yoho National Park. So, make sure you book yourself into some lodgings so you’re not too pressed for time. 

11.) Takakkaw Falls, British Columbia

Once here, you can explore; Lake Minnewanka, head on the trails around Mount Norquay and ski the slopes at Sunshine Village. 
Close to the border with British Columbia, Moraine Lake is a totally eye-catching lake that has some incredible hiking trails around the shore. 
Finding Wild Moose And Skiing In Sunshine Village... In Banff, Canada (3)
Best Places in The Canadian Rocky Mountains (1)

12.) Lake Louise, Alberta

Oh, and if you’re hankering for a treat, book a stay at the Fairmont Lake Louise – we loved it and the views were incredible around the lake. Just don’t fall down as much as I did when ice-skating across the lake – those bruises hurt! 
Probably Alberta’s most-famous lake, Lake Louise is a gem to see at any time of the year.
Connecting both the Banff National Park and Jasper National Park, Icefields Parkway might just be Canada’s most iconic driving routes. And guess what, it’s totally gorgeous! 

Plus, if you fancy a moderate hike, join the Parker Ridge Trail that has some epic views. Just be sure to take some layers, it does get chilly at the top! 

After arriving, be sure to trek Grotto Canyon that’s totally beautiful in the winter months.

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Grotto Canyon, Wolfdogs And The Canadian Rockies (6)

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