Roman city of Bath or even from London, too. So, to help you find the best places in Wiltshire to visit, I wanted to share some of our favourite spots that we love. 

Now, we’ve always found it easier to explore Wiltshire as part of a roadtrip. This way, you can get to some of the smaller, lesser-connected, spots that are totally idyllic. That being said, if you don’t drive you can easily hop on a train or bus to some of Wiltshire’s best places. 
With a vast garden area to explore Stourhead garden is an idyllic 18th-century landscaped garden that’s just too good to miss.
Afterwards, book a table at Rick Stein’s for a delicious evening treat. Yes, it can be pricier than most other spots in the town but the food is so good. 
After arriving, be sure to visit the historic Merchant’s House that dates all the way back from the 1600s. Today, you can take a gander inside the restored silk merchant’s abode and have a good nosey at what life would have been like.

1.) Lacock

With the National Trust Museum (with lovely gardens), the iconic Avebury Manor before popping into the family-run cafes on the main street.  
Dating back thousands of years, the stones are incredible to walk around and visit, especially on a sunny day. That being said, it can get pretty busy at certain times of the day. If you want to avoid the majority of the crowds visit first thing in the morning or just before closing time.
Best Things To Do In Salisbury

Don’t forget to explore the Stone Circle which dates back to the Neolithic times (between 2500 to 2000 BC). It’s considered to be the biggest in all the continent and sometimes forgotten in lieu of visiting Stonehenge.  Nestled within North Wessex Downs in Wiltshire, Marlborough is a gorgeous little market town that’s lovely to visit. It’s the kind of town that’s perfect for a little afternoon stroll and well worth spending a few hours traversing the quaint streets. 
You see, Wiltshire is not only totally stunning but it also has some of the world’s most iconic historic spots to see. It’s the kind of place that’s filled to the brim with thousands of years of history, quirky spots and gorgeous towns and villages to boot. 
Whilst in the area, be sure to explore the ruins of Old Wardour Castle that dates all the way back to the 1300s. It’s pretty epic to see and not too far from Shaftesbury (just across the border). 

2.) Marlborough

As Lacock is so small, you don’t really need to worry about getting lost. So, let the streets take you around and wander till your heart’s content. 
Although pretty small and cosy, Avebury is a village that’s packed-full with history.  
Looking for more? head across to some of Salisbury’s other iconic spots like; Mompesson House, Museums, Arundells and Wilton House, too.
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Salisbury is certainly up there as one of my favourite cities in England, especially with all its history. Trust me, once you arrive you’ll quickly see what I mean. 
After arriving, the first port-of-call has to be Salisbury Cathedral. It’s easily one of the finest in all of England and towers over the city itself. 
Best Places In Wiltshire To Visit
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3.) Salisbury 

Inside The Beautiful Cotswolds Village Of Lacock... (18)
Best Places In Wiltshire To Visit
Talking of Stonehenge, from Avebury you can also visit Silbury Hill (just outside the village). The chalk mound is part of the wider Stonehenge complex and a UNESCO-protected manmade mound that’s said to be the largest in the world.
Afterwards, take a gander at Castle Combe Church and spot the iconic Water Lane street. It’s so picturesque. 

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Easily one of the best places in Wilshire to visit, Stonehenge is known the world over for its iconic history. 

4.) Castle Combe

Oh, and don’t forget, you can easily visit the Neolithic ruins at West Kennet Long Barrow which’s pretty close by. It’s totally amazing to see something that’s thousands of years old. 
Finally, during certain days, Stonehenge operates tours within the stone circle itself. These operate before the site officially opens and need to be booked on the English Heritage website. 
Nestled within the gorgeous countryside, Stourhead is one of the best places in Wiltshire to visit in the western fringes of the county. 

Tucked away, it’s pretty easy to miss, so make sure to look out for it when walking High Street.  
Fancy staying longer? Book a room at The Manor House. A gorgeous period property that’s so cosy and inviting. We love it. 
One of the oldest white horses in Wiltshire, the Cherhill White Horse is pretty iconic to see. Said to have been created in the 1700s, it’s one of the best places in Wiltshire to see some of the counties unique history. 

5.) Avebury

Afterwards, head over to the medical Tithe Barn for a little wander. It’s considered one of the largest surviving medieval barns in all of England. 
A visit to Iford Manor Gardens will likely take around 1-2 hours. This means it’s a perfect stopping point to stretch your legs. 
It is a large country park perfect for a picnic and to walk around you can also find a play area for kids and the park offers some of the amazing views to sit and relax.
Afterwards, if you’ve got time, pop over to King Alfred’s Tower (that’s technically just over the border in Somerset. It’s a great place for 360-degree views and was initially erected as part of the wider Stourhead Estate. 
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Overlapping a few different counties, Cranborne Chase is totally easy to visit as you drive east towards Southampton. 
Right on the western fringes, Bradford-on-Avon is one of the best places in Wiltshire to visit for a half-day trip. 

6.) Stonehenge

Right on the western fringes, Bradford-on-Avon is one of the best places in Wiltshire to visit for a half-day trip. 

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