It had been years since I had flown Business Class. They had flat-lay beds and TVs, and offer champagne, wine, and spirits, as well as amazing food! I had a 9-hour flight ahead of me but I couldn’t wait to experience business class!

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My journey began at Rio de Janeiro International Airport. This was a long and fun trip, and I have to thank my friend Guilherme and his girlfriend Rafa (both from Rio4Fun and Rio4Food) for showing me around southern Brazil!

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I celebrated the end of my trip with a Colorado beer as I waited for my flight to São Paulo. Because of pandemic safety precautions, could only fly through São Paulo.
I slept most of the way back to Miami. I woke up about 20 minutes before we were set to land. The flat-lay bed was incredible. It was like sleeping in a cocoon! Then, we landed in Miami at 5:30 a.m. I couldn’t wait to get home, get some sleep, and take my kids to school in a few hours! And that’s it for my American Airlines flagship business class flight review!

After 14 incredible and life-changing days on the ground, my epic road trip through southern Brazil has come to an end. Join me as I begin the next journey: traveling back home to Miami! Along the way, I share my American Airlines flagship business class flight review. Let’s go!
I boarded my flight to São Paulo, which was only a 35-minute flight in Economy Class. It’s one of the shortest flights I’ve ever taken in my life.
After landing, I had only 28 minutes to run to my flight to Miami. I flew through security and made it to Terminal 3. I only had seconds to board! Thank God I ran!

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Brazil had always been on my bucket list, but I had always been hesitant to visit because of safety concerns. But after I arrived, I feel like I understand this country a lot more, even though you have to be more aware of your surroundings at all times.

We had started our road trip in São Paulo and continued on to Curitiba, Blumenau, Florianopolis, Porto Alegre, Vale dos Vinhedos, and finally, Rio! It was a truly unforgettable and diverse adventure through one of the world’s most beautiful countries. I can’t wait to go back!
For dinner, I had some squid ragout with shrimp salad, which was creamy and contained lots of cilantro. There was a little bit of turbulence, which is something I can never get used to. The shrimp was like a delicious shrimp ceviche.
Where have you been?
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