You don’t need travel insurance if you’re a careful traveler, right? Wrong. 
Since most travel insurance agencies require background checks these days, it’s a good idea to have one on hand when finalizing any agreements. Once companies have some insight into your employment, credit, and criminal histories, they’ll get a good sense of your trustworthiness and feel comfortable giving you the best rates available. 
Like any good pet parent, you’re always seeking out what’s best for your beloved fur-baby. This sentiment goes for providing them with luxurious stay-cation care, too.

Although we strive to make our vacations pleasurable, it’s often unavoidable that they involve a little stress, too. 

1. Home Renovations

Owning a vacation house can be one of the most significant sources of joy in the world. Not only does it mean that you can enjoy all the comforts of home even while far away in your favorite exotic destination, but it also provides a beautiful place for you to gather with friends and family for years to come. 
Who’s to say that the sweet-looking grandma you’ve asked to play with Fido while you’re gone is as responsible as she seems online? 
Even the most meticulously planned vacations can be subject to catastrophic mishaps that could put you and your belongings at risk. Luckily, travel insurance is easy to get with the proper paperwork so that you’ll always be protected if something goes awry. 

2. Pet-Sitting

Make sure an unexpected home reno disaster doesn’t throw a wrench in your vacation plans by hiring the right people with the help of scoutlogic background screening. Even when you’re far away, you’ll know the people working for you are ones you can trust to handle the job correctly. 
The only way to ensure quality pet-sitting care is to vet them yourself. Luckily, this isn’t too difficult with a quick and easy background check.
Check out this brief list of reasons why making sure you have access to quick and easy background checks should be at the top of your travel to-do list if you want some peace of mind.  
That said, another home also means another set of renovations and repairs and all of the accompanying construction stress. 

3. Travel Insurance

The fact of the matter is that sometimes you have to do a little bit of extra prep work to facilitate an entirely carefree travel experience. 
Eliminate the fear that something will go wrong with your pets while you’re away and maximize your vacation enjoyment. 
Particularly when preparing for a big overseas trip or an extended period of business travel, increased stress levels from an impossible to-do list are pretty standard.  


Travel anxiety is a widespread affliction because traveling makes it impossible to avoid unknown people and places. In many scenarios, though, getting some fast background checks taken care of ahead of time can mean calmer seas once you leave home.
Many seasoned travel experts can attest that preparing background checks in advance can help seriously alleviate many of the more anxiety-inducing aspects of travel. Not only will you be making sure that those you hire for services in your absence are trustworthy, but you’ll also just, in general, be eliminating the fear of the unknown. 

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