Use a Comfy Face Mask
When purchasing a cloth face mask, make sure it’s made of multiple fabric layers and has a pocket for inserting disposable filters. These filters add another layer of protection against pollen and bacteria. You can also look for an antimicrobial face mask that goes around the neck as you may find this more comfortable to wear than those that come with ear loops. Because the band of this mask secures behind your neck, you avoid putting strain on your ears, which can become painful after prolonged wear.
Additionally, low humidity can increase your risk of getting a respiratory virus. When the environment is humid, it keeps your airways moist so the mucosal lining can effectively trap germs trying to enter your body. If you inhale air that’s too dry, the mucous won’t be able to block the viruses and bacteria as effectively.
Drink Plenty of Water
Many airlines still require passengers to wear face masks throughout the trip to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus. If your flight takes several hours, you may find wearing a face mask for an extended period to be very uncomfortable. To help you comply with this travel requirement and still feel comfortable, consider using a cloth mask. 
Pack a Pandemic Travel Kit
Taking a vacation in a different country is pretty exciting. You get to explore new places and learn about other cultures. You might allot most of your budget to enjoying the unique experiences offered by your destination and choose to book the most affordable flights available instead. However, sitting through a long flight can be very uncomfortable, especially when space is limited and you can’t recline your seat in economy class.
Bring a couple of extra mask filters and cloth face masks just in case you need to change what you’re wearing with a fresh one. It’s a good idea to change into a fresh mask if your face gets oily or if the mask gets soiled, as doing so will add to your comfort.
Many people enjoy traveling to different countries but aren’t big fans of how uncomfortable long flights can be. If upgrading to better seats is out of your budget, try these tips to help you stay comfortable while in transit. This way, you can arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and energized to enjoy the rest of your trip. 
While airplanes follow safety and sanitation protocols during flights, you may want to pack your own kit of pandemic essentials in your carry-on luggage. Being on the plane means you’ll be in contact with various shared surfaces such as tray tables, armrests, seatbelts, and lavatory doors. Since frequent handwashing can be difficult to do on the plane, you can bring a hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes to keep your hands and frequently touched surfaces clean.
While the experience may not be comparable to sitting in first class,  there are a few tricks you can use to make being in a long flight bearable regardless of your seat assignment. If you want to land at your destination looking and feeling relaxed, here are some recommendations to help you stay safe and comfortable during your flight. 
Before and during your flight, make sure to drink a lot of water. Since humidity levels inside the plane are 10 percent less than what you normally experience at home, your skin and throat may feel dry and uncomfortable. Dehydration can also cause fatigue and breathing problems in people who have respiratory conditions like asthma.
The cabin temperature can be really cold during a long flight so bring a travel blanket to keep you warm. These blankets are soft, lightweight, and often come in a compact travel pouch. If you don’t have room in your luggage for a travel blanket, bring a shawl that can act as an accessory and blanket.
To keep dehydration at bay, bring an empty water bottle and refill it once you get through security. This way, you can stay hydrated even if the beverage cart hasn’t reached your aisle yet. In addition to drinking a lot of water, avoid consuming caffeinated and alcoholic drinks on your flight. These beverages can contribute to dehydration and give you trouble with falling asleep onboard or once you reach your destination. 
As part of COVID safety protocols, some airlines no longer provide blankets and pillows on their flights. This is to reduce incidents of passengers sharing items and potentially being exposed to viruses. So if you want to be comfortable on your next long-haul flight, make sure to bring your own items to help you feel cozy in your seat.
Bring Your Own Travel Pillow and Blanket
Bring a travel pillow so you have something soft to support your neck with. Many travel pillows have a U-shaped design so they can wrap around the back of your neck and support your head while you are seated. For your convenience, look for a travel pillow that comes with a clasp so you can easily attach it to your carry-on. 

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