When you’re fatigued, not only is this a physical discomfort but it can also set your mood on the fence. It can put the first day of your holiday in a bad light.
The good news is sleeping with your own travel neck pillow can reduce the onset of snoring and sleep apnea. When you use a travel pillow, remember that your posture stays straight. Your neck is positioned properly, which means there’s no obstruction to your airways. In effect, sleep apnea and snoring are effectively addressed.
While there are many things you can do to avoid or minimize neck pain, one of the simplest and most effective methods is by using a travel neck pillow that suits your liking. You don’t have to keep on twisting and turning in a very cramped space to find a comfortable position. The neck pillow already gives you added comfort to help you sleep and rest well throughout the hours on the plane.
While the air in the plane is almost always cold, this doesn’t mean it’s always comfortable. The air can feel so dry, which causes your skin and neck area to feel pasty.
Tips On How To Choose The Right Travel Pillow
The advantages of using a buckwheat pillow are:

  1. It Can Mimic Your Pillow At Home

Typically, a good choice would be between memory foam and buckwheat. The advantages of using a memory foam pillow include:

The travel pillow you’re buying should be made out of a smooth material, so the texture when you’re resting your head on it is also comfortable. Otherwise, if the texture is bad, you’re going to wake up with deep marks on your face. Or when prolonged, the texture may also end up being painful on your face.

  • It retains the contour of your neck and head, which means it’s the pillow that adjusts itself to give you optimal comfort, depending on your neck and head’s shape and size;
  • It relieves pain in the neck, back, and head, which is mainly because you’re able to position your head better even when you’re in a sitting position;
  • It provides stability against motion transfer, which is an advantage for those of you who easily get dizzy while on the plane or as the plane takes off since you no longer have to keep adjusting your head.

The price is also very important as you don’t have to force yourself to pay for anything more than you can afford. There are many travel neck pillows for sale in the market, so it’s up to you to take the time to search for the best one that fits within your budget.

  • It’s made of organic products, which is great for travelers who like to be more natural and eco-friendlier with their choices;
  • It’s hypoallergenic and has cooling properties, which can help reduce the added allergens you could initially receive when on a germ-laden place like an airplane;
  • It’s durable, so you’re getting a bang for your buck without needing to frequently buy a new travel pillow.

Watching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byCJuXZT9Rk and other sources can help you get more insights on what a buckwheat travel pillow is.

  1. It Keeps Your Posture Well

As you go out and shop, be sure you take the time to try it out and get a feel of its comfort and firmness. In doing so, you can be sure you’re bringing home the best travel pillow as your companion for long-haul flights. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you buy the best travel neck pillow suitable to your needs.
Good posture and spinal alignment are important things your body should be able to maintain to stay comfortable during a long-haul trip. But given you’ve got limited room to move around and stretch, it’s not surprising that a good spinal alignment may not always be achieved. Not only does this affect your back but it can also strain your head, neck, and even your jaws.
If you depend on the pillows provided by the airline, the truth is these do very little to keep your neck feeling fine. Those pillows are wrapped with a disposable felt, mesh, or plastic layer to make them easy to dispose of and sanitize after every use of a passenger.

  1. It’s Warm And Breathable

Neck pain is common when you’re flying long-haul, especially if you didn’t have the opportunity to rest or relax well enough. As a result, fatigue can happen simply because you weren’t able to sleep well during the flight. The last thing you’ll want to feel upon arrival is the need to waste one whole day you would’ve spent exploring because you’re so tired.
One of the many things you can bring with you is a travel pillow. In fact, if you’re a frequent traveler, it’s a good idea to invest in a good one. With this, you can rest your neck well, have a good sleep, and put on a good beginning to your holiday. Plus, a good travel pillow is also firm enough for the right support without being too bulky.
If the travel pillow you end up buying doesn’t provide adequate support to your head and your neck, then that’s not a good buy. You can’t say a pillow is comfortable if it doesn’t even support the weight of your head. More so when you’re cramped up in an airplane where you need all support from your pillow, so you don’t end up having to support your head with your hands.
Benefits Of Having A Travel Pillow

  • Don’t use inflatable, cotton, or polyester travel neck pillows as these aren’t as breathable as you may want them to be and does very little to support your bones;
  • Look for gel-enhanced memory foam if you want that extra push of comfort.
  1. It Prevents Neck Pain And Fatigue

The point here is when you choose the travel neck pillow that’s made of the same material as the pillow you use at home, then you’re able to mimic that level of comfort. Even when you aren’t lying flat on a bed in the airplane as you are in your bedroom, you may be able to sleep longer and with better quality because your head and your neck are accustomed to that kind of material.
With this comprehensive explanation on why travel pillows are good for you, are you now convinced that getting one is a good idea? There are so many travel pillows out there, so you can certainly find one that fits your budget.

This is where a good travel neck pillow comes in. With the support it provides, it heightens the possibility of your back being able to keep a good posture. It’s as simple as having that layer of cushion for your head. When you’re able to relax your head well enough to fall asleep, you won’t have to keep moving your body to an uncomfortable position.

  • Strategically schedule your flight, so you won’t have to wake up so early in the morning as this can just make you more tired than usual;
  • Bring pain medication with you during the flight, so when you do have pain, you can give yourself that temporary relief even if it just means having an extra hour or so to fall asleep soundly;
  • Request for an exit row or bulkhead seat if your legs need more room to stay in a comfortable seated position.
  1. It May Reduce Snoring And Sleep Apnea

Surely, you wouldn’t want to bring a travel pillow that isn’t even comfortable. Remember, the main reason why you’re bringing a pillow in the first place is to be comfy. So, if the neck pillow doesn’t contribute to that purpose, then you’re only wasting money on it and also wasting the effort and space in your carry-on.
Along with your neck pillow, some of the other effective ways to prevent neck pain and fatigue are the following:
Without a neck pillow, you may still be able to sleep, but you’ll surely feel the pain after. With a good neck pillow, this pain may be significantly reduced.
Hence, there’s a need for your own pillow that’s warm and breathable. A good travel neck pillow also has those features. You won’t have to worry about your skin on the cheek and neck area feeling dry when you sleep while inside the plane.
If you’re used to sleeping on a memory foam pillow, then you’ll be glad to know there are many travel pillows today made out of memory foam. The other comfortable option among the many kinds is buckwheat, and there are also many neck pillows made of the said material.
Unless you’re fortunate enough to get yourself a coveted seat at a business class or first class, you’ve got to prepare yourself to stay comfortable at a coach. This means preparing, planning, and knowing what to pack to give yourself that added level of comfort. Be mindful with your purchase. A good quality neck pillow doesn’t necessarily have to mean the most expensive one. Rather, it’s about balancing the price and the quality by taking heed of your needs and preferences.
Your travel pillow has to be the right size. This means it should be big enough or optimized for your head and your neck. At the same time, it should also be small enough to fit in your carry-on luggage. To achieve this, you’ve got to be certain the travel neck pillow you use brings about that purpose. Be mindful of these tips: Don’t choose a travel pillow that makes for a one-time use simply because its quality is questionable. Take this as an investment for better travel, especially if you regularly travel on the road or by plane. A good travel pillow is one that’s not just durable but also easy to store, keep, and maintain.

  • Ease Of Maintenance And Durability

You shouldn’t have to feel that your travel neck pillow is a burden wherein you feel its bulkiness moving through airport security. Or, at the very least, it shouldn’t eat up space from your carry-on luggage. It should be portable enough without giving you any hassle. Going on a holiday is always a fun idea. But before you reach your destination, there’s still one hurdle you’ve got to go through: the long-haul flight. This means staying cramped in your coach seat, being confused as to where to rest your neck and how to stretch for at least six hours or more! If you aren’t prepared for that, then chances are you’re only going to get exhausted upon arriving at your destination. When you’ve been looking forward to your vacation, you want to have a good start in your travel.
Now that you’ve got insights on the benefits of bringing a travel pillow during your holiday, it’s important to touch on the tips on how to choose the right pillow. The benefits above aren’t guaranteed, especially when the travel pillow you have isn’t of good quality.
If you aren’t convinced you need one or if you don’t have one yet, then now’s a good time for you to consider getting yourself a good travel pillow. There are many reasons for you to buy one, and this article gives you a list of these benefits.
With that said, here are some important factors you have to consider when choosing a travel pillow:
If you’re the type of person who snores when you sleep, imagine the horror of snoring in a tight cabin where everyone can hear you! Not only is this embarrassing but it can also be a nuisance to the other passengers on board.
Comfort is very subjective. The best way for you to ensure your chosen travel neck pillow is comfortable enough is to try it out before you pay for it. If you think it’ll suffice to support you while being seated for a long time, then it’s something you should buy. As a rule of thumb, don’t settle for less.

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