In the back, I watched them slice the tomahawk. We’d be buying some chinchulines, which are beef intestines, as well as mollejas, or sweetbreads. We also got kidneys and heart. To help out customers, they have a diagram of the cow and show which cuts of meat come from which part of the cow.

We started at Broward Meat & Fish Co., the only local market where you can find quality meat, fish, and organs! It’s a huge supermarket with super high ceilings. Inside, we met Roland, who showed me their variety of seafood, including snapper, grouper, scallops, shrimp, and more.
Everything was marinated except the sweetbread. Then, we fired up his Argentinian gaucho wood grill and skewered the heart meat on some pinchos to make kebabs! He arranged the marinated chinchulines into little circles and put them and our mollejas and kidneys on the grill! The hearts would be last as they cook super fast.
During my time at home in Miami after my trip to Pakistan, I went on an incredibly unique food adventure I’ll never forget! Come with me as I eat some exotic American BBQ, including some salty organs, in Pembroke Pines, Florida!

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He added some amazing rock salt, pepper, and lemon juice to the mollejas, which marinades it and breaks it all down. Then, he did the same for the kidneys. When he started butchering the heart, I was surprised at how much fat was on it. By the time you cut off all the fat, there isn’t much meat left! He marinated it in 5 garlic cloves, oregano, crushed red chilies, pepper, rock salt, olive oil, and Worcestershire sauce.

Where have you been?
They also sell sausages, including normal and spicy. After finishing up at the market, I drove 10 minutes to Ninja’s house, where we’d fire up the grill, cook our meat, and eat!

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We went in the back to watch them scale and clean some red snapper and yellowtail. It looked so good, but we were here for the organs. We headed over to The Butcher section, where they have ground beef, sirloin, tenderloins, tomahawk, and any other cut of meat you can imagine!
The molleja had a creamy, unique texture. The combination with the toasted exterior was excellent! Each organ was completely different from the rest! Then, Ninja’s wife joined us. She’s a big organ fan, too. I couldn’t believe how different the organs are from regular meat! 

To finish up, I ate another caramelized dragonfruit. I loved the crystallized texture and sweet flavor. Grilling it really brought out all the sugars and enhanced the flavor.
The juice from the dragonfruit is so mouthwateringly good, it just drips right down your throat! It was the perfect way to end my exotic American BBQ and salty organs meal!
The kidney was dense and lemony, and still had a nice bite. The heart was cut almost like a medium steak, and it tasted like one, too! It was perfectly cooked and dense and fibrous.
It was salty, charred, toasty, and perfectly cooked. There was also a nice, creamy texture! With the salt and lemon, they were the best intestines I’ve ever had!
Meanwhile, the caramelized yellow dragonfruit was moist, sweet, hot, and flavorful. I couldn’t get enough of it! Then, he put the heart on the grill, and before I knew it, it was time to eat more. I was starving!
This experience wouldn’t have been possible without my friend Ninja from Salty Tales! We’d be going on an epic, meat-filled adventure that, of course, would end with us trying some mouthwatering barbecued organ meat!
I hope you liked coming with me to have exotic American BBQ and salty organs in Pembroke Pines, Florida! If you did, please give this video a thumbs up and leave a comment below. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and click the notification bell so you don’t miss any of my travel/food adventures around the world!

Then, he grilled up some yellow dragonfruit. The meat looked super crispy, juicy, and delicious! Then, it was time to try the chinchulines.
He had a beautiful setup outside. He opened up the chinchulines first and marinaded them in salt, pepper, and lemon. Next were the mollejas, which is a gland in the cow’s neck, followed by the kidneys and the heart. You have to be careful when cutting the kidneys so the juices don’t escape.

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