My afternoon began at Super Foods Restaurant in Karachi with my guide Furqan from Manaky, a travel marketplace that specializes in travel through the country. It would be the first of many stops on my unforgettable street food tour of Karachi, Pakistan!
It was nice and light, and a little spicy. I loved it, and mixing the curry and achar was the best. The onions and tomatoes in the achar was excellent. It had a thick, viscous texture, and the crispy and airy kachori was delicious!
What an awesome street food tour in Karachi, Pakistan! Huge thanks to my boy Furquan and everyone at Manaky for making my first day in Pakistan one I will never forget!
Then, we drove over to Frere Hall, a colonial building that dates back to 1865. It’s surrounded by a large park where you can buy kulfi and chaats.

One thing to know in Pakistan is that if you leave food on your plate, they think you didn’t like it. So if you get full before finishing, give it away to someone in need!

The dhaga kabab had the same flavor as the kabab fry. It was great with the chili chutney. I couldn’t get over the flavor of the Khiri and the salsa-like chutney together. Everything was finger-licking good!

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Then, we passed a vendor barbecuing skewered chicken stacked on top of one another in a massive circle. It was a huge spectacle! I’d never seen anything like it!
The intersection was wild and crazy. In that area, we saw people making samosas and jalebi. After 20 minutes, we found a hole-in-the-wall spot selling kachoris with dal, potato curry, and achar. We got six kachoris in total.
Next, we went to get some rabri at Delhi Rabri House. We got plain rabri, which is so sweet and felt similar to rice pudding. It’s full of sugar! The pistachio rabri was nutty and way better. The owner’s son was so nice and comped us!
After a whirlwind first morning in Karachi, Pakistan, I continued my day with an unforgettable street food tour! Come with me as I go on the ultimate street food tour in Karachi, Pakistan!

My kulfi contained caramel and nuts and was both creamy and dense. Then, we headed back to Burns Road to have some kebabs. At 6 p.m., they close half of the road to traffic and every restaurant extends out onto the street.

Back outside, I passed biryani, fruit, and vegetable vendors before we drove five minutes to Burns Road Food Street, the most famous food street in Karachi. It was so colorful and the old architecture was really interesting! Everyone was so friendly!

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From there, we headed to the Wall Art Gallery, where you’ll find murals depicting Pakistani culture and history.
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Where have you been?

At New Delhi Kebab House, we ordered kabab fry, dhaga kababs, chicken kebabs, and Khiri with parathas. The parathas with the kabab fry was like super buttery mincemeat. It had a nice amount of spice to it!

Next was Khiri, which is beef. It was tender and full of smoky flavor and fat! It was my favorite dish in Karachi so far! The chicken kabab was nicely marinated. The chili chutney we had on the side was spicy!
There, I watched the vendors make bun kababs, which an egg patty that also contains kebab meat and eaten in a bun with chutney and onions inside. They also give you more chutney and onions on the side. You can eat out on the street, or you can go upstairs to the dining area.
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I was honestly blown away by the food in Karachi. Getting the opportunity to try delicious foods from around the world is one of the main reasons I travel, and Pakistan was not disappointing at all!

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This area of Karachi really comes to life at night. There were so many vendors everywhere. It was sensory overload!

I added more onions to my bun kabab and dipped it into the chutney. It’s like a slider on steroids and is super fluffy and spicy. I loved the combination of flavors and textures. The fluffy egg, airy bun, spicy green chili chutney, and acidic onions were on point!

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