Before you read how to explore Toronto in just one weekend, we’d like to remind you that you will probably need a visa to enter the country. Since 2016, many countries can obtain their visas by filling the online application form.

The eTA cost is only 49 EUR, and you can receive it in a PDF file within maximally three business days. Don’t overthink and check it yourself that your Canadian adventure is within your reach!

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The alleys are covered in stunning street art over the years. You will find street art all over town, but Graffiti Alley has some of the best ones. While you are there, make sure to visit the Kensington Market as well.
While CN Tower and Ripley’s Aquarium tickets can be a bit pricey, you can find package deals online at a slightly lower price.
Now, if you know how to get your e-Visa to Canada, let’s have a look at some suggestions on how to explore Toronto in just two days.
You might even be able to attend a local festival while you are here. Next, have breakfast and lunch on the patio at Joe Bird or Boxcar Social.
For the last part of your day, walk down King Street and take a tram east to the Historic Distillery District. The distillery, formerly home to the world’s largest distillery, is a modern, pedestrian-friendly neighborhood filled with cafés and shops.
Next to the CN Tower, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is another fun tourist spot worth visiting. You will see more than 20,000 water animals, which is an excellent place to explore with children.
Obtaining your eTA to Canada has never been easier, so plan your trip and fill the online application form at least three business days before your intended travel date!
Spend the morning wandering the Harbourfront before it gets too crowded. Enjoy waterfront views, peruse the Powerplant art gallery, and relax under the enchanting Toronto Music Garden.


Saturday: Explore Toronto Locally

You can start exploring Toronto by eating brunch at one of the city’s most popular brunch restaurants. Being in such a diversified and multicultural city, you will find excellent spots and restaurants to eat on every street corner.
The last stop of your day will be dinner, and anywhere in the city, you can try great food. Visit Seven Lives Tacos y Mariscos in Kensington Market for cheap but delicious tacos, Little India in the entertainment district for delightful butter chicken. Whatever type of cuisine you crave, you are bound to find at least one restaurant that serves it.

Saturday Morning

Make sure to visit the famous Le Select Bistro for an elegant and delicious brunch or head over to Old School for the best pancakes you will ever taste.
Canada, often called the Land of Maple Leaf, is the second-largest world country famous for its maple syrup. Most foreigners believe that winter lasts forever here, while its inhabitants are the most polite people in the world.

The Afternoon

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Exploring Toronto in One Weekend

The Evening

Toronto is considered to be one of the most popular and friendly cities in North America. To visit Toronto is to discover the largest Canadian city and the 5th most populous in North America.
With its buildings, trendy districts, huge shopping center, mini Times Square, and Chinatown, the city is often compared to its American neighbor New York. Very cosmopolitan and lively, Toronto has a lot to offer from a tourist point of view, a weekend will not be enough, but we will try our best to guide you.

Sunday: Top Tourist Sites

The second day is all about visiting the most popular places in Toronto.

Sunday Morning

If you don’t feel exhausted from the long day you spent exploring the city, you can grab a fancy drink at BarChef or attend a live band at Horseshoe Tavern. You can also visit Snakes & Lattes for board games or The Rec Room for arcade games and virtual reality experiences.
Enjoy a sumptuous French dinner at Cluny Bistro or some delicious tacos at El Catrin. End your weekend in Toronto with homemade scoops at Greg’s Ice Cream or crepes at Cacao 70 (a Montreal-based dessert chain with a love of quality chocolate).


With stylish restaurants, street art, and excellent museums, Toronto is one of the best weekend destinations. Since it is a big city, there’s also a lot to do in just two days.
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After you have finished all the shopping your feet can do, stop by for a photoshoot at Graffiti Alley, located just off Queen West. Graffiti Alley is a casual tourist attraction perfect for an Instagram post.
eTA Canada



Final words

It’s no longer necessary to do it traditionally and go to the nearest Canadian embassy. Now, in 3 easy steps, you can apply for your eTA on and enjoy your trip of a lifetime without unnecessary bureaucracy!
Although you won’t experience everything the city has to offer during only a weekend stay in Toronto, you can still enjoy the great taste of the city. You will want to come back again and again and explore what you didn’t manage for the first time.
Toronto is famous for its various hoods, especially the West End, where you will find the most popular and cool places. Queen West is also a place where you can find the most remarkable places, and you can get your kid’s brunch while you do some shopping.

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