7 Delightful Ways To Celebrate Your Friend’s Birthday

If your friend is a food enthusiast, taking them out to a foodie festival will surely make them ecstatic. In a foodie festival, you have a variety of food trucks and stands to choose from, and all sell different kinds of food. You can check one stand at a time and try new food until everyone burps in fullness. However, don’t forget to take some pictures of your friend drooling over such an array of tasty food choices.
If your friend loves bowling, heading to the bowling lanes is a surefire means to celebrate their birthday in a unique, fun, and memorable way. Gather your group of friends together and rent two bowling lanes so you have enough room to host a friendly bowling competition. To make your friend’s birthday pictures even better, consider dressing up in retro vintage clothes.

  1. Outdoor Picnic

Celebrating your friend’s birthday doesn’t always have to be hosting food parties or eating at fancy restaurants. The options are limitless when it comes to birthday celebrations. You can do so many things to spice things up and make the celebration more special. Though if you’ve run out of fresh ideas, this list got your back. Here are seven delightful ways to celebrate your friend’s birthday.
Meanwhile, if you’re heading to a rented pool venue, you can rent a cabana good for the group and bring along some pool inflatables in case they don’t have one. The birthday celebrator and all the attendees can spend the day sipping cold drinks while basking under the warm sunshine.

  1. Freebie Hunting

For birthday celebrators around Washington state, for instance, look at the list of stores and restaurants that offer birthday freebies and check out some Seattle birthday ideas if you live in Seattle and nearby cities. Most importantly, make sure your friend signs up to the store’s website to have a reserved slot for their birthday freebies.

  1. Bowling

Doing karaoke with your friends would always be a fun choice for a birthday celebration. So consider renting a private room good enough for the number of people coming and let the birthday celebrator sing like a pop star. You can also sing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song on the karaoke to your friend. Best of all, encourage everyone to get up and dance while singing along to your favorite pop tunes. And of course, don’t forget to bring in some food and drinks.
However, be sure to provide picnic baskets for the attendees and have enough blankets for everyone. To make things merrier, prepare some games to keep everyone engaged. Your friend will get to enjoy their lemonade and blow their birthday cake under the sun while having fun with close friends and family.

  1. Themed Movie Night

Coming up with birthday celebration ideas for your friend can be a struggle and sometimes even overwhelming. Especially if you’ve been celebrating it together for years, you’d want to make it as fun and exciting as possible. 

  1. Foodie Festival

Or you can have an outdoor movie night in your backyard. You only need to set up a projector, a screen surface (or a blank wall if you have one), a high-quality sound system, lots of snacks, and, of course, some cozy seating (like a carpet, rug, tent, or throw blanket). To make it a themed movie night, you and your friends can dress up as characters from your friend’s favorite film. 

  1. Karaoke Night

If your friend happens to celebrate their birthday during the summer season, you can plan a pool party for them. If you have your own pool, decorate it with some inflatables and balloons, then set up a snack corner on the side. And remember to play some upbeat summer songs, too.

  1. Pool Party

There are so many ways you can celebrate your friend’s birthday other than the usual ones you do every year. So if you have a friend whose birthday is coming up, gather the group and plan out their birthday celebration with these suggestions above. 
Some stores and restaurants will offer discounts or freebies to birthday celebrators if they can provide proof of their birthday. You can check out what stores in your area offer this kind of birthday discount to reduce the expenses for your friends’ celebration.
Instead of spending money on a movie theater, you can switch things up by hosting your own themed movie night for your friend’s birthday. You won’t have to drive to the movie theater and buy tickets, snacks, and drinks. You have everything at home for free. All you need is a television, computer, or perhaps projector to make the movie experience more enticing. 
Instead of dining out in a restaurant, why not host an outdoor picnic? You can invite your friend’s family as well as other friends to unwind at the park and chill for a day.