They even come with a 2-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can try them for your entire vacation and get your money back if you don’t like them! What have you got to lose?
Not to mention, I won’t have to worry about trekking through rain, hiking, or tossing my bag in the back of a truck that’s in for a bumpy ride. Before, I’d be praying my headphones survived the trip.
You can expect a lot more from Mobi than just the features above. They also include all of the features of premium earbuds, such as Bluetooth 5.2, instant pairing, touch controls, fast charging, and digital assistant access (Siri, Google, etc.).
If I broke them I’d kick myself for a month (probably longer!).
Even more impressive? You can nab Mobi Earbuds for just bucks IF you order soon. That’s so cheap that you won’t mind too much if they get lost in transit! 
Mobi are premium earbuds with better features than Apple, Bose, and Sony headphones, yet they cost way less.
Mobi have the most advanced ANC tech of any pair of earbuds. They have a whopping 6 ANC mics to triangulate and cancel sound with laser-like precision. They’re able to cancel the full range of audio frequency, from crying babies to the plane’s roaring engine.
Whether you’re a travel-addicted nomad like me or you’re taking a trip this summer and want to catch some shuteye on your flight (jet lag sucks!), then Mobi are totally worth your .
But times change, and technology changes too. When I read about the new Mobi Earbuds (currently smashing records on Kickstarter), I knew that my trusty Bose over-ear headphones had met their match.
Mobi give me a lot more peace of mind than I had before. I love my Bose headphones, but I have to admit I get nervous carrying them around everywhere. They’re fragile and expensive.

Mobi Earbuds are THE Travel Headphones of 2021. Here’s Why

If I’m abandoning my Bose for Mobi this year, you know they’re worth a try. The powerful ANC and pocket-friendly size is just part of the reason I’m recommending them. Here are the highlights of Mobi Earbuds.

  • Full-frequency ANC power: Mobi’s main pull is its next-gen hybrid ANC. With 3 ANC mics per earbud and AI-assisted audio neutralization, Mobi can detect the direction and intensity of sound better, canceling just about everything around you. Mobi’s 30 dB of ANC power is 50% stronger than leading brands like Apple’s AirPods Pro.
  • Transparency Mode for urban listening: Another ANC mode, called Transparency Mode, will cancel some sounds and pass others through to your ears, such as alarms, sirens, and voices speaking to you. This mode ensures you hear important sounds and stay safe when you’re exploring a city, biking, or commuting.
  • A battery that outlasts any flight: At 100 hours of playback, Mobi’s battery is unmatched in the industry. You get 10 hours of playback in the earbuds and 90 more in the carrying case. And, the earbuds can charge up to 6 hours in just 15 minutes. Your tunes will outlast any journey.
  • Monsoon-grade waterproofing (IPX6): Whether you’re traipsing through India in monsoon season or just like to sing in the shower, Mobi have got your back. The earbuds are also sealed and reinforced for protection against temperature and debris.
  • Oversized speakers for huge sound: at 12 mm in diameter, these half-inch speakers are the biggest I’ve seen in little earbuds. They look a bit fat, sure, but the sound is huuuge. You can actually feel the bass in your gut!
  • Ergonomic fit for long-haul comfort: Don’t you hate how earbuds get painful and itchy after an hour or so? Not Mobi! These ergonomic earbuds were designed to sit in your ear without adding pressure. They’re comfy enough to fall asleep in, wake up in, and keep listening.

Mobi might not sound as good as my Bose over-ear headphones, but they knock the ANC out of the park. They’re seriously as good as many over-ear headphones. When you put them on, it sounds like you’re shutting the door of a sound-proofed room.
No more crying babies. No more captain’s announcements. And on the random nights I crash in a hostel, I won’t have to hear the “activities” of the couple in the bed above mine….

My Thoughts on Mobi

Learn more and see Mobi Earbuds in action now at
And they sound awesome—they have bigger and more powerful speakers than headphones by Sony and Apple.

I’ll probably still use my Bose headphones from time to time—like when I’m taking short trips to familiar destinations. But Mobi are much better suited for global travel.
I’ve traveled with my Bose noise-canceling headphones for years, and I LOVE them. So, I didn’t think there was anything that would get me to give them up.
But what really got me as a frequent traveler is that I get the same (or better) noise-canceling power from a pair of EARBUDS as I can from my over-ear headphones.
As I said, I love my Bose headphones… but they are a bit bulky. I can fit Mobi in my pocket and still cancel the world around me when I’m ready to snooze.

Get Mobi Now for 60% Off

They might not have the brand appeal, sure. But as a traveler, I don’t really care about that.
Don’t wait to get Mobi before the sale ends! Grab yours now and get 60% off a pair. If you miss the sale, the price will go up by 0!
I recommend getting a pair before you take off this summer.
Flying with active noise-canceling (ANC) headphones is a must. They cancel out chatter, announcements, and most importantly, the blaring plane engine. With a good pair, you can almost forget you’re packed into the cabin like a sardine.

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