Hence, regardless of the variety of rumors associated with contact lenses, they are 100% safe and beneficial to wear while cooking. But, in case you have sensitive eyes, wearing contacts in extensive heat may feel dry or cause irritation. Here you can try daily lenses that are super easy to use and throw away; no hassle of storing them overnight or cleaning them in a solution. Now you can easily order contacts without prescription online. So, pick on a fresh pair of lenses to get going for the whole day.

No more tears while cutting onions

Not only do contact lenses help you with an uninterrupted, comfortable vision while cooking, but they also benefit you in other chores in the kitchen. How? Keep on reading to find the key benefits of wearing contact lenses while preparing your favorite recipe.  Contact lenses give you full freedom of movement as you multitask between chopping vegetables, checking on your bakes, stirring a stew all at once. And if you want to get back to the recipe in your cookbook, printed in fine fonts, you won’t have to squint or struggle with finding glasses while your seasoning boils on the stove. Here you can use multifocal lenses to get a clear vision of objects under different focal lengths.

Say Goodbye to Foggy Vision

In this case, contact lenses come super handy concerning your daily kitchen chores. However, make sure to never touch your eyes directly after using spicy ingredients. This can make your lenses feel uncomfortable and can even harm your eyes. One of the most common downsides of wearing glasses while cooking is that they require a lot of fiddling as they often slip down your nose. And adjusting them back with your oily, dirty hands is unhygienic and can also affect your eyes.

Pull back your dirty hands

The most flagrant myth is whether or not contact lenses melt when you look at something hot such as a stove or a grill. Fortunately, this is not possible because contact lenses are made up of a flexible material hydrogel with a melting point 3 times the highest possible body temperature. And your eyes, anyway, cannot reach that temperature. Wearing contact lenses can save you from this discomfort. Contact lenses are designed to stay intact with the cornea and move along with it, meaning they easily block any onion vapors from irritating your eyes.

Multitask with ease

Contact lenses give you the freedom of movement to help you make the best of any activity. However, they come particularly handy when you’re out on your culinary adventures, eliminating the use of fiddling glasses.

Is it safe to wear contact lenses while cooking?

Tired of cleaning the steamy, foggy glasses? Well, it’s time to wave them off and switch to contact lenses. They perfectly secure your eye’s cornea, eliminating the risk of bumping into things or getting burns while handling hot sizzles. Onions, when chopped, release a chemical that enters the cornea (the front part of the eyes) which contains hundreds of nerves. This reaction makes your eyes itchy and teary.

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