Whether you’re travelling by plane, by train, or by car, a neck pillow is a great sleeping companion. Almost all travellers have one and they bring it everywhere. Getting one isn’t that difficult either because you can easily get one at the travel section of any major retail store.

One of the items is just a pair of beach shoes. They might seem unnecessary, but you really don’t want to be walking on the sand with your sneakers or your sandals. Plus, you’re going to have a hard time washing the sand off your shoes and those are just the worst. When it comes to beach shoes, Crocs shoes are a good choice. They’re easy to take off and put on and you can also clean all traces of sand off them.

Portable Charger

It might not snow in Southeast Asia, but it will rain. Sudden rainy days are common to Southeast Asians, and they’re used to it but if you’re not, then it’s better that you prepare yourself before you travel to any Southeast Asian countries. Get an umbrella if you can but another good item to have in hand are waterproof jackets or rain jackets.
Southeast Asia is known for its beautiful beaches, and you probably already know this. You’re probably going to Southeast Asia specifically for their beaches. If you are, then you’ll need a couple of items before you visit those stunning shores.

Waterproof Jackets

There are so many types of neck pillows to choose from. You can get an inflatable one, one with a buckle so you can transform it into a long pillow, and there are also ones with an attached hood so you can cover your face when you sleep. Whichever one you choose will be great, all it matters is that it provides you enough comfort when you’re trying to get some rest.

Neck Pillow

Honestly, it’s more surprising if you don’t already own one of these. A portable charger is great for travel because you really don’t want to be walking around a foreign city with a phone that has run out of juice. You might find a charging outlet or a charging station while you’re in Southeast Asia but those are typically limited to malls and airports.
It really doesn’t matter if you’re traveling to Southeast Asia or the Pacific Northwest, sun protection is always important. If you are going to be in the outdoors, then that’s already a reason to protect your skin. It is not worth getting skin damage or skin cancer, just because you forgot to lather up on some sunscreen.

Beach Shoes

There are so many portable chargers on the market, and you can easily get a couple for yourself. In terms of how high the battery capacity should be, you should try getting one that is higher than 10,000mAh. That way, you will be able to get around two full charges out of one fully charged portable battery.
In Southeast Asia, your best bet for sunscreen is one that ocean-friendly or reef-safe. There are some of the world’s most amazing coral reefs in Southeast Asia and if you’re going to be in the waters to see them, then the least you should do is to help protect them. A quick search on the internet will show you a list of which brands to get and which ones to avoid. There are also kid-friendly options if you’re travelling with a young one.


However, there are a few things that you should consider getting before you travel to those sunny cities. Getting these items isn’t exactly a necessity but they will help to make your stay in Southeast Asia a lot more enjoyable.
Even during rainy days, Southeast Asia can still be hot and humid so get one that is lightweight and breathable. Decathlon has a huge selection of great waterproof jackets and raincoats. Some of them even fold well and are compact so you can throw them into your backpack if you’re not using them.
Southeast Asia houses some of the world’s most amazing travel destinations and almost all travel enthusiasts have got at least one Southeast Asian country on their travel wish list. Whether you’re going there to enjoy the tropical climate, the breath-taking sceneries, or the delicious food, you will not be disappointed when you go there.

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