Back in March of 2019, I took a life-altering trip to the state of Meghalaya in northeastern India. Food-wise, this state is very different from the rest of India, as the cuisine is rich in pork and even beef! Come with me as I explore the often-unseen world of Meghalayan cuisine as I react to over 50 Meghalaya street food dishes!
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  1. Chicken Curry – R. Kharbangar Tea Stall
  2. Pitha – R. Kharbangar Tea Stall
  3. Dohklieh – R. Kharbangar Tea Stall
  4. Pork Innards – R. Kharbangar Tea Stall


  1. Prawn Maggi – Dympep


From the rustic markets of Cherrapunjee to the riverside huts in Shnongpdeng, here are all the dishes I reacted to and where you can find them!

  1. Chicken Liver – Sohra Market
  2. Jadoh Snam – Sohra Market
  3. Pork Fritter – Sohra Market
  4. Pork Curry – Sohra Market
  5. Dohklieh – Sohra Market
  6. Fermented Fish Chutney – Sohra Market
  7. Pork Liver – Sohra Market
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And that was me reacting to 50+ Meghalaya street food dishes in northeast India! Huge thanks to my friend Paul for driving me around the state so I could try these incredible and unique foods! If you ever get the chance to travel to India, you must take some time to visit this wonderful, underrated pocket of the country. You won’t forget it and the food will change your life!

  1. Pork Momo – Street Food Stall
  2. Khasi Blood Sausage – Street Food Stall
  3. Wild Mushroom Chutney – Street Food Stall
  4. Roasted Beef – Street Food Stall
  5. Smoked Beef – Street Food Stall


  1. Aloo Paratha & Aloo Ki Sabzi – Four Plus Two Restaurant


  1. River Fish Curry – River Hut
  2. Beef Curry – River Hut
  3. Stir-Fried Jackfruit – River Hut
  4. Tomato Chutney – River Hut
  5. Jungle Vegetable – River Hut
  6. Fish Fry – River Hut


  1. Khasi Blood Sausage – Street Food Stall


  1. Pork Chow – Soilyna Huts Restaurant
  2. Paneer Chilli – Soilyna Huts Restaurant
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  1. Red Tea – Iewduh Market
  2. Klein – Iewduh Market
  3. Jadoh – Nat Khasi Restaurant
  4. Pork Nuggets – Nat Khasi Restaurant
  5. Pork Liver – Nat Khasi Restaurant
  6. Dohklieh – Nat Khasi Restaurant
  7. Pork Intestines – Nat Khasi Restaurant
  8. Pork with Onion and Ginger – Nat Khasi Restaurant
  9. Putharo – Iewduh Market
  10. Pukhlien – Iewduh Market
  11. Khasi Thali – Trattoria Restaurant
  12. Jadoh – Trattoria Restaurant
  13. Chicken Curry – Trattoria Restaurant
  14. Barbecued Chicken – Police Bazaar
  15. Barbecued Pork – Police Bazaar
  16. Chicken Momos – Police Bazaar
  17. Chicken Chow – Police Bazaar
  18. Nasi Goreng – Police Bazaar
  19. Pork Innards & Chapati – Police Bazaar
  20. Pitha – Police Bazaar
  21. Pork with Sesame Curry – Local’s Home
  22. Dried Beef – Local’s Home
  23. Dried Fish Chutney with Lettuce – Local’s Home
  24. Smoked Fish Curry – Naga Mandarin Restaurant
  25. Smoked Beef Chutney – Naga Mandarin Restaurant

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