5. To quit your job and travel the world is a difficult journey — but it IS possible

For sure, it requires a whole lot of courage to turn your life around like this… but I know that YOU are not short of it.
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Ultimately, with all of these and more, you should know by now that if I managed to do this, then YOU can definitely do it too!
A life of travel takes hard work and a lot of sacrifices BUT, still and the same, it IS possible.

It’s never too soon and never too late anyway.

Looking back, I certainly have no regrets whatsoever. Like I’ve mentioned previously, with the way my life is right now, I can say with utter confidence that it was all worth it since I am now able to continually see the beauty of this world as I build up on experiences and myself.
Besides, for as long as you just do what you love to do, not only will you become happy but you will also become a master of it! So don’t ever let fear make you settle — if staying inside an office setting is not an ingredient on your recipe of achieving happiness in life, then by all means, QUIT.

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No matter if you’re broke and no matter if you only hold a limited 3rd world passport, there are numerous ways to make a travel lifestyle a reality.

If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to help them build theirs.

You really DON’T need to be rich either, because I’m not rich nor did I come from a rich family.
It ranged from strict saving routines to working myself to the bone, and it was vicious… it was a real struggle! But I thankfully made it happen in two months, after which I handed my resignation in.
With that in mind, how then did I make this happen?
Three things: discipline, hard work, and sacrifice.
Other than the fact that I didn’t want to work for anyone else anymore, I also knew that building my dream comes with a ‘price’. So since I badly want to reach my goal given the challenges that I’ve had in the past, I was more than willing to give up a LOT of things in my life in order to achieve what I absolutely want.

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