£3 /

Khaosan Laboratory – Modern and funky hostel.
The cost for a single trip on a Metro and average bus journeys in all cities varies but is usually from 750 – 800 Yen – around £1.25 / .5 for a single journey.
£17 / +
Around 100 Yen per item on the menu

A man cycles down a street in Japan with neon lights and advertising.
With a variety of trip options from five days to two weeks, including visiting the iconic Japan sights on a National Geographic Journey trip, seeing Japan’s highlights on a budget or travelling the backroads of Japan, you could even mix and match a small group tour with independent travel.

The diversity of the country means a single visit isn’t enough to fully experience everything there is on offer, so you need to map out a rough route to calculate your estimated Japan budget.
In fact, backpackers and hardcore travellers are a minority here; most westerners are those just visiting on business. Although visitor numbers to Japan are growing, Japan tourism has one of the fastest growth rates in the industry year on year.
Anne Hostel Yokozuna or Anne Hostel Asakusabashi  – A small and more homely hostel.
Khaosan Kyoto – A no-frills budget hostel option.

How Much Does a Trip to Japan Cost in Comparison to the Rest of Asia

Japan on a mid-budget – 15,000 Yen per day (£100 / 0)
The average cost of train travel without using a Japan Rail Pass for a basic Tokyo – Kyoto – Osaka – Hiroshima – Tokyo round-trip = £348 / 9 providing you can find good fares at the time of travelling. Therefore you save a lot more money and avoid the hassle of the lowest cost ticket searching when buying a Japan Rail Pass for unlimited travel in Japan.
£42 / for a private
In Japan, independent travel was much easier than I had originally thought it would be, with hostel options being plentiful, local food outlets being cheaper than larger restaurants, and transport being cost-effective. But where does your money go to in Japan, and what is the ratio of the spend?
£13 / for a single capsule

A woman with arms outstretched on famous Shibuya Crossing in Japan's capital, Tokyo.
For example, Tokyo is a dream on a sightseeing budget which highlights such as the Buddist Sensoji Temple and the Imperial Palace grounds having no admission fee. However, the Kinkaku-Ji Temple of the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto is ¥400 – .50/€3. 

Japan Trip Cost: Per Day, Per Week, Per Month

£199 / 9

Japan Budget. Calculated Approximate Total Spend

Santiago Guesthouse – A new hostel with its very own luxury café.
In Japan, accommodation will be your biggest cost, alongside transportation.
Accommodation for 30 nights
£405 / 2
The Japan Rail Pass MUST be booked prior to your arrival in Japan. Local travel agents can book this for you, where you will be given a receipt to be presented at main stations in Tokyo in exchange for your pass. It’s quick and easy to purchase a Japan Rail Pass online below.

Average Cost of a Japan Vacation

Japan is expensive when it comes to travelling in Asia. But it’s worth the cost.
£405 / 2

How Much Money Do You Need Per Day in Japan?

Hotel Asakusa & Capsule – Standard Japanese capsule hotel.
Yes, but the cost of travelling within Japan is relative. There is a lot to decide before getting there – where you will go, whether to purchase the rail pass and what kinds of accommodation you want to try out, from standard budget hostels to traditional Japanese experiences.
Nara Backpackers – A traditional Japanese house turned into a cosy guesthouse.
Since there’s no set amount of time to travel in the country, with some even visiting as a layover just in Tokyo, it can be easier to calculate how much money you need per day in Japan.
I chose to travel in Japan for one month entirely via overland transportation, in order to really immerse myself in the culture, see a range of different places, spend a quality amount of time in areas that are both key highlights and some of the biggest areas to explore – Tokyo (one week), Kyoto (six days) and Osaka (three days), to climb Mount Fuji and have some beach time.
Can be sought for less than 1,000 Yen
£17 / for a dorm room

A woman stands in front of a lake with a stone bridge inside the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.
Tokyo – Kyoto:

Cost of Travelling in Japan for One Month 

It might also be worth organising a Japan trip planner or enlisting the help of locals to pull together a personalised trip itinerary which can help set expectations with a budget. There’s a 5% discount for Borders of Adventure readers, applied at checkout. 
Yet in one month, I didn’t get the chance to explore the far northern regions of Japan, the Alps, anywhere further south than Hiroshima, nor the outlying islands, which would have likely meant having to budget for an internal flight. The country is much bigger than you think.
Yet in one month, I didn’t get the chance to explore the far northern regions of Japan, the Alps, anywhere further south than Hiroshima, nor the outlying islands, which would have likely meant having to budget for an internal flight. The country is much bigger than you think.

Buy a Japan Rail Pass Here

£15 / for a dorm room

Japan Rail Pass
From £199 / $259 / Multiple Currencies
You can purchase a rail pass from Japan travel experts ‘J Rail Pass’. Multiple day and regional passes can be ordered with free delivery in a variety of countries. The website is easy to use, with quick and secure payment, and with other Japan travel services to hand.
Buy Now

Other Transportation Costs in Japan

Local trains in Japan

£70 /
Utano Youth Hostel – A traditional ‘youth hostel’ outside of the central city.

  • Local trains stop at every station on the route.
  • Rapid trains skip some stations
  • Express trains skip even more stations
  • Limited Express stop only at major designated stations
  • Super Express (shinkansen ‘bullet trains’) operate separately on different lines and with their own stations

Extra costs on trains

Eccentric shows, walking tours and cultural tours and ceremonies are something to also factor into your exploration budget when travelling in Japan.
£97 / 7

    • Green / first-class seats can sometimes be double the price of the standard fare.
    • Shinkansen (bullet) trains have reserved and non-reserved seating options, where a reservation can cost within the region of $5.
    • Shinkansen (bullet) train seat reservations are free with the Japan Rail Pass.

£38 / for a sleeping space, sleeping bag provided

Japan Metro and Bus System

With the best times to visit Japan being March to May (for spring season) and September to November (for autumn), it’s a good idea to look for flights to Japan and accommodation deals during the off-season: November to March. The summer months from June to September (especially July and August) can be unbearably hot and uncomfortable for travel and sightseeing.
2,000 – 3,000 Yen for sushi sets (of around seven pieces or more)
£16 / for a dorm room
Standard mountain house on Mount Fuji.
£77 / 1

People waiting on Tokyo metro platform next to a sign indicating a women only carriage.
J-Hoppers Osaka – Based slightly out-of-town in nearby Fukushima and main transport links.

Taxis in Japan

£700 / 5

A black Japan taxi on Tokyo city roads lined with tall buildings covered in lights and advertising signs.
Many people are put off by the high cost of the rail pass, but individual rail journeys are expensive and when added together can actually cost more than the unlimited rail pass.

Bike Hire in Japan

You can skip the queue and purchase an unlimited 24, 48 or 72 hour Tokyo Metro Pass for less than , which includes booking fees and delivery of the ticket to your hotel.
Below is an outline of where I stayed and the costs per night for a dorm or a single room as stated.

A red bike in front of a stone wall inscribed with red Japanese text.
For those wanting more luxury, the best sushi in town and those first-class tickets.

Cost of Food in Japan

Japan Tours with G Adventures
Japan has metro lines in nine cities, although you are likely to mainly end up using those in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. Tokyo’s subway is the largest and most tricky to navigate, although I always find myself being helped out by locals who came to my aid in helping me purchase the right ticket or even ride the line with me until my correct stop.

Meal in a local restaurant

£425 / 0         > Japan trip cost for one week 

Ramen or Curry

Japan Rail pass
£128 / 8

Kobe beef (special, must-do treat!)

Temples, castles and palaces are mostly free to enter, although some historical monuments may have an admission fee, which contributes to the protection of the site. 

Budget Sushi

Osaka Hana Hostel – A new hostel in the very centre of the city.
So, if you covered this basic route over 14 days, you save money by purchasing a two-week rail pass. If you were visiting these key places within 21 days, by booking ahead and planning your timings well, you could spend less than the cost of a three-week rail pass, yet it could still be cost-effective to purchase the 14-day pass, if you are spending a week in Tokyo, for example. The tricky part of travelling in Japan is making decisions!

Sushi at Tokyo’s Tsukiji Market

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Tokyo – Hiroshima:

Cover charge at themed bar or restaurant

Therefore it’s worthwhile investing in a Japan Rail Pass, to make the cost of multiple and long-distance travel worthwhile. The following are prices for the standard / ordinary class tickets.

Bottle/pint of beer

£1,700 / ,242    > Japan trip cost for one month 

Cup of Coffee

£1,700 / ,242    > Japan trip cost for one month 

Window display of plastic food dishes at a Japanese restaurant, with price tags.
Everything else along the way just falls into place, and if you look hard enough when it comes to food and other everyday costs, your overall Japan vacation cost might not be as overwhelming as you expect.

Accommodation Costs in Japan

£0.75 /
All variations include the cost of a three-week Japan Rail Pass for comprehensive Japan travel.
How much does it cost to travel in Japan? Not as much as you think if you plan well. This guide on Japan trip costs has budget tips and breakdowns for transport, bookings and accommodations across the country.
The Unlimited Metro Day Pass in Tokyo is £6 /

Traditional Japanese accommodation with shuttered windows, a floor bed and tea table - known as a Ryoken.
Check here for routes and timetables for trains in Japan.

You’ll need to budget around ,200 for a two-week backpacking trip around Japan.
For those looking to stay in hostels, eat cheaper meals and not indulge frequently in nightlife.

Tokyo Accommodation Costs

£21 / for a dorm room
£3 /
However, this is a country that is quickly responding to the needs of the budget traveller, with more and more establishments becoming aware of the growth of tourism and a slow influx of more established backpackers looking for practicality over luxury.
£20 / for dorm style room
£11 / for a dorm room
Based on the average amount of days a person has to travel, a month can be impossible for many. The most common question is: how much does a trip to Japan cost for two weeks? To which I would say you need to budget at least ,200.
Based on the average amount of days a person has to travel, a month can be impossible for many. The most common question is: how much does a trip to Japan cost for two weeks? To which I would say you need to budget at least ,200.
READ ALL: On my Destination Page for Japan. 

Kobe Accommodation Costs

READ ALL: On my Destination Page for Japan. 

Hiroshima Accommodation Costs

Miyajima Backpackers – Located next to the ferry terminal for Miyajima Island and a 30-minute trip into Hiroshima – the best of both worlds.

What class of seat you choose. While most local trains have a standard class across all carriages, there are two classes of seats on long-distance trains which also affects your overall costs – Ordinary (Second Class) and Green (First Class)

A traditional wooden house in Japan merged with a more modern white block building.
A comprehensive breakdown of all metro lines, ticket prices and tips on how to navigate each system can be found here.

Book a Hotel in Japan

Cost of Tours in Japan

In reality, Japan isn’t going to get any cheaper; in fact, it may get even more expensive – and avoiding Japan for cost reasons alone means missing out on what is rated as an absolute must-see destination from each and every person I know who has visited.
How much does it cost to travel in Japan pinterest pin

Maps showing tours of Japan
K’s House, Mt. Fuji – In the heart of the Fuji area, with free bus transfers to the main train station.

How Much Do Attractions Cost in Japan?

£20 / for dorm style room
Japan black and yellow taxis are an expensive option.
£20 /

£6 /

Is Japan Expensive? 

Make use of free or inexpensive bike hire from Japanese accommodations.
For a slow and budget traveller, this hit my monthly outgoings hard, but I don’t regret a single penny spent and I would happily go back many times over and spend the same amount. Yes, it really is that incredible.
Japan on a budget – 10,000 Yen per day (£70 / )

Travelling to Japan

Kyoya Ryokan – Futons instead of bunk beds in another traditional Ryokan.

Planning a Trip to Japan and Want to Budget? Pin It!

£16 / for a dorm room
Many guesthouses in Japan offer this facility for free and if not included, the average cost I found for one-day bike hire was £3 / .

£19 / for a dorm room

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