This is an enjoyable Christmas attraction that my wife and I both enjoyed. Check it out if you are willing to make the drive to the desert and have a fun adventure. Let me know what you think in the comments.
Most people’s main attraction is the T-Rex, which is 4 stories tall and has been painted like Santa Claus for the Christmas season. You can see the T-Rex from this area without paying anything, so if you want just a quick stop, this is it.

The Dino Park has a quarter of a mile trail that takes you past many different dinosaurs that they showcase normally, but with Christmas lights all strewn around them.

This is a little hard with the crowds at the event, since the interior is pretty small, but we waited our turn and eventually made it up into the T-Rex head.
The trail is colorful and festive, and it is fun to see the dinosaurs and the lights.
About halfway through the trail, you can veer off and go into the T-Rex. From the base, you can climb three flights of stairs and get up into the head.
After exploring a little more, we headed over to the photo with Santa area. Since this is a pandemic year, Santa stands in the corner, and you can sit in his sleigh with your family for the photo. A velociraptor with Rudolph’s nose pulls the sleigh, so it makes for a pretty great Christmas car photo.
Getting There
There is an extra charge of for this, but we thought it was worth it for the photo. I think it may have to be our Christmas card photo!
However, if you drove all the way out here, you might as well go into the dinosaur park.
A Dinosaur Christmas
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