One of the most popular and convenient destinations honeymooners choose is the Andamans. The ambience of rushing water and strolling on white sands, paints an out of movie sight which is simply marvellous. The beautiful vibrant group of islands is surrounded by colourful corals, silly beaches, green vegetation, shining white sand, crystal clear saline water of the Bay of Bengal, which is just amazing. Furthermore, a range of villa’s and water sports activities are available ensuring you have a gala time with your spouse. Andamans is truly a wonderful destination which is beautiful and pocket friendly.
#3 Limestone Caves
Other than the caves you can enjoy the magnificent beauty of mangroves and lush-green forests all around the caves. The forest is home to several species of birds and animals. Try a jungle safari with your partner and enjoy the ultimate pleasure and joy. If you are planning a trip to Andaman and Nicobar islands then must add the name of Limestone caves into your tour package. They will be worth your Honeymoon tour package.
#2 Ross Island
Another one of the most beautiful and popular destinations in Andaman for Honeymoon trips. The island was developed by Britishers during colonial rule and hence, it has well-constructed ruins of buildings that are spread all over the island. Some of these buildings are converted into hotels and resorts perfect for tour night stay. For the couples who wanted to enjoy their honeymoon tour, Ross Island is a “paradise”. Wild vines, trunks, roots, run-down Churches, British offices and structures are some of the major attractions of the place to visit.
For the ultimate pleasure and joy, you are supposed to enjoy the sound and light show held every night, organized by the local tourism department. The beautiful lighting will make you say Wow! Enormously beautiful water bodies and panoramic landscapes of Ross Island makes it the perfect destination for honeymoon trips in Andaman and Nicobar Honeymoon packages.
If you are looking for the primary location for your honeymoon then Havelock island is the perfect destination to shape your trip to Andaman. Havelock Island is famous for its most popular “Radhanagar” beach, one of the most popular and visited beaches in India. Explore the real beauty of nature with the crustal clear blue saline water and white sand. The pine trees will add extra charms to the island. Enjoy the bath at high sprinkling and blue water bodies with your partner and if you are an adventure lover then the place is for you.
Our last but not least honeymoon destination called Little Andaman is situated 120 km away from the capital city, Port Blair located in the southern tip of Andaman. If you are a young couple searching for a honeymoon vacation then the place is for you. It offers picturesque scenery of the glamorous place including the most beautiful colourful views of sunrise and sunset, waterfalls, creeks, elegant white beaches, rainforests, and crystal-clear saline water of oceans. The place will leave your mouth saying Wow! Couples are warmly welcomed in the place; every year thousands of tourists visit the place from all over the world.
What is also unique is the culture and traditions of local people with their delectable recipes. Enjoy the delicacies as you unleash in the exciting gateway islands. Apart from the pristine waters, you can also feast your eyes on a wide variety of migratory birds and rare animals. So, it truly serves as a wholesome experience. If you are planning for the Andaman and Nicobar Honeymoon packages ensure to include the enlisted romantic places which sure will leave an indelible mark on your memories forever.
#4 Diglipur
You are supposed to reach the honeymoon destination by buses and cans offered by the local tourism industry. The bus will pick you up from Port Blair, the capital city of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
Enjoy scuba diving, fishing, boating, snorkelling, and many other adventurous water sports with your partner and let your trip be filled with pleasure and desires. The beautiful scenic landscapes of the island created a romantic environment for your honeymoon. If you want to enjoy the view of volcanoes then visit the island once.
#1 Havelock Island
It takes a time of about 6-8 hours to reach Little Andaman from Port Blair, which hugely depends upon the weather conditions, the couple can prefer use or cabs to can’t the place as they offer panoramic. Little Andaman has constantly ranked high in our Thrillophilia reviews and hence is a must visit spot
After enjoying the water bodies and beaches. It’s time to visit the Caves. You might be surprised to know that the beautiful Andaman island is home to Limestone caves. Limestone caves are located at a distance of about 45 minutes from the Baratang jetty. These caves are formed by nature by the sedimentary rocks after the process of millions of years. The caves are sometimes open for travellers by the tourism department but you are not supposed to visit them during the rainy season due to excess water everywhere.
The beautiful location is located in northern Andaman Island. Diglipur is loaded with the scenic beauty of natural landscapes and is considered to be an offbeat destination for couples who wanted to enjoy their honeymoon. The unspoiled glamour and lush-green views of saddle peaks make the place one of the best honeymoon destinations in the Andaman Islands. The natural magnificence of the place and enormous beauties are connected by the Great-Andaman Trunk Road. 
#5 Little Andaman

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