Besides, this is exactly the kind of lifestyle I have always wanted. And working a 9-to-5 job — often, even more hours! — cooped inside an office setting with a very low wage? Well, that didn’t fit me, nor did it motivate me at all… Table of Contents
…in order to develop the career or business that I have always wanted while I venture out to see the world, meet different people, and experience various things all at the same time.

  • Take control of my time (who doesn’t?) and not trade my 20’s for a job that I didn’t love
  • Earn what I actually deserve with my set of skills (fresh graduates, in my opinion, will always be undervalued); and,
  • Get rid of unnecessary time-wasters (hello, horrible traffic and humongous stress!)

So after I did quit my job, I worked as a freelance graphic designer, web designer, SEO manager, and marketing assistant in order to earn and travel at the same time. After some time, I built an Amazon business while also running this travel blog. After the success of these ventures, most of my days now involve around 4 hours of working — not consecutively — which leaves me a lot of hours for traveling and things that I’ve never managed to do before (like playing the piano, learning how to swim, learning a new language, singing in a band, etc.)
Okay, I have to admit that at first, it looked great because of the ‘sense of security’ that it gave me as well as the whole idea of achieving ‘success’ in the corporate setting of an investment bank at the age of 19. But as time slowly passed, I realized that I wanted to…
With all that said and done, I guess what I just want to say is that: YOU can do the same thing!
And with the help of this post, I will give you some ideas on how you can jumpstart your own ‘life of travel’ that comes with financial and job location independence. Other than my own experiences, I will also share other travel jobs that my friends and travel bloggers have done or are doing.

It has been years since I quit my corporate job in the Philippines so that I could travel the world and work remotely. Looking back, I was absolutely terrified with my decision… but right now? I don’t regret it at all and I never will, because I have secured my future, I’m living my dreams, and I’m enjoying every second of it! (Travel Jobs)

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