The rainy seasons roll by in Puerto Escondido around late spring, and it could get very wet. There isn’t much partying, but the fun still happens. The yearly Surf Open Puerto Escondido comes up towards May ending, with schedules changing based on the surf’s swell. If surfing’s your jam, you could be in for a terrific time.
The first few days at Puerto Escondido can be fabulous, but we reckon you might be rounding off around then. However, the fun doesn’t stop abruptly, mostly if you could spare a bit more time. Make your way down the Oaxacan coast, through to Mazunte. There, you get to enjoy the beach’s serenity, albeit not as developed as the mainland Puerto Escondido.
So, Puerto Escondido is a fabulous beach destination all year round, one of those places you feel carried away as time goes by. However, we imagine that a few days is all it takes for you to get a fill of Puerto’s goodness, and here are some of the best areas to go and fun activities to do in all that time.

Before Leaving for Puerto Escondido

You’d need to shake off the hangover from last night at Zicatela, and La Punta is the right cure for your blues. It has some cheap hotels and sandy streets where most people walk barefoot. The area is laid-back, so you’d enjoy swimming and the sunset in La Punta from the get-go. If you love surfing, then there’s a lot of that on the crook of La Punta. There, you’d find pro surfers, surfing instructors, and a surf school if you care so much about professional surfing.
You’d find the main Playa Principal beach at the center of Puerto Escondido, and it straddles Adoquin. The neighborhood is brimming with original Mexican scenery, from the trinket shops to the restaurants – It’s even got a night market!
There’s a lot to love about Puerto Escondido. You’ll begin to fall in love with the lovely mix of different people, and of course, the sand-type activities. Fishing, surfing, and a lot more during the day, and when the sun goes down, you get to dance to groovy beach parties.

  • First Stop at Zicatela

Then, head on back to the beach, and treat yourself to some seafood fresh from your catch on the fishing tour. Some of the restaurants offer an excellent view of the beach as well.
You could make your way down to the quiet areas of Rinconada to enjoy their breath-taking beach coves. The sweet thing about the coves is that they’re shielded from the raging waves on the beaches, making them some of the best swimming spots on Puerto Escondido. You might want to see some cute baby turtles while at Rinconada. The Turtle Release Centre could make it happen for you, and you’d get to watch the little turtles paddle their way into the ocean. Cute.

  • Cool Off on La Punta

Say you love the smell of delicious food, and you’d fancy el Centro, which sadly doesn’t have beaches. What it lacks in beaches, it makes up for in rich Mexican flavor and aroma.
How much do you know about beach-y Mexican towns? Puerto Escondido sits pretty on the list of top beach towns in Mexico, thanks to the balmy evenings, slightly urban surroundings, and a healthy influx of tourists. Generally, the Mexican surf town has more character than blocky, overcrowded resorts in Cancun.
Packed the bags and ready to go? Below are some helpful tips on what to do as you make the trip to Puerto Escondido.

  • Swim Away in Rinconada

Want a bit more adventure? Head on over to the Mazunta Islands, which admittedly isn’t easy to reach without a rented vehicle. It’s got some excellent dishes and magnificent buildings. Car rental services would typically get you around these areas, but they never really had a good reputation until recently, when Los Tres Reyes opened up for business. Also, you can now find scooters for hire, with services like Kooks on Wheels.

4. Fancy Some Seafood in Adoquin

The ringer about the area is the fishing life. You’d find hearty locals and fishers going about their business and enjoying the scenes. If you’re down for some fishing (you should), you could get a fishing tour around Adoquin’s north side. Depending on the season and how lucky you get, you’ll come across various sea animals like stingrays and sea turtles.
Then there’s the food: You could try out some Thai-Mexican dishes if you’ve got a taste for it and get served up everything from cocktails to fitness drinks in another bar. After the meals, you should have some time left to stroll around the streets and stop by at the Bikini cocktail bar to try out the swings.
What better place to start the fun than the prominent tourist spot? Zicatela is the central point for hip parties in the area and a great place to be if you’d rather be in the “zone.” While you’re at it, you could try out the highlight tacos, shrimps, and drinks on the beachside. When the night falls, you could arrange with some of the local accommodation options around the beaches, like:  Selina Hostel Puerto Escondido. Alternatively, you could tour around the streets and dance to live music or have some care-free fun!

 Wrapping Up

It’s best to get to know a bit about Puerto Escondido before buying the plane tickets. The weather is charming in the dry season, and you can expect a lot of parties. It means you’d be having a truckload of fun but have to deal with high party traffic. Not to worry, as after-hour dance parties pop up all around the beach in no time! The peak revelry season runs from December to around April, covering the Christmas and New Year celebrations.
Puerto Escondido has been able to keep much of its allure due to its remoteness. Its only airport is relatively small, and you can only get there via Mexico City. Once you touch down, you get to choose either the shuttle or a taxi to take you into town.

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