To enter your assigned room, you can either use the room card/key or register yourself through its face recognition functionality. It works quite well but just to be sure, you must have your room card/key with you at all times.

TABII. Apart from the aforementioned Unibo robot installed in the rooms, there is also a smart program similar to Alexa or Siri called ‘Tabii‘ and it is an app that you can use for free with the use of the room’s tablet. You can do a wide range of actions on it such as checking local travel information, booking restaurant or kimono reservations, and many more. You can even use it as a remote control!
CHROMECAST. For ease of entertainment viewing, most hotels have a Google Chromecast installed on their Smart TVs.
ROBOPHONE. Some branches have an amazing humanoid robot smartphone that is developed by Sharp Corporation. It is equipped with face and voice recognition with various fun functions such as dancing, storytelling, and quizzes. In fact, some of the accommodations have Robophones laid out in the lobby and they will do regular dances on certain time schedules! (Other times, the room will simply provide a FREE normal smartphone that you can use during your stay).
FUTOCON. A built-in sensor that keeps the futon or mattress at a good temperature especially during hot and cold days. It also removes viruses, fungi, and could odors to further provide a more optimal sleep for everyone!
LGSTYLER. This is an amazing steam generator built inside the hotel rooms’ closet which will help remove wrinkles and unpleasant odors from your clothing.
VR. Hotel branches in Asakusa Tawaramachi and Tokyo Nishikasai offer the popular VR “Oculus Quest 2” for rent to its guests so that anyone can enjoy an array of games like Pokemon and more!
PHILIPS LIGHTS. With over 16 million colors, guests can adjust the room lighting to their liking (can be easily controlled through Unibo robot or from the ‘Tabii’ app in the tablet installed in the room).
Most of the rooms in Henn na Hotels are modern with simple minimalist design elements. But what makes your stay more amazing are the number of tech functionalities and comfortable features that are as follows.

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